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10 Unspoken Campground Rules

Camping is like pressing the pause button on our super busy lives. It’s awesome that more folks are getting out there to enjoy the great outdoors. But hey, with more people setting up tents and roasting marshmallows, our campsites are feeling the love a little too much. It’s up to all of us to keep them nice and tidy. So, before you pack your s’mores kit for your next outdoor sleepover, check out these 10 simple camping rules that’ll make you the hero of the campground.

10 Unspoken Campground Rules

Leave your campsite even cleaner than you found it

It’s super important to pick up not just your own trash but any litter left by others. This way, the person in charge of the campsite can focus on other stuff rather than playing janitor. When camping with kids, turn cleanup into a fun race—whoever picks up the most trash wins a prize, like picking the next road trip song!

Also, be sure to always follow the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

Take care of your furry friends

Your pup might be the best boy or girl, but remember to follow the camp rules. Keep them on a leash, and pick up after them. Doggie bags don’t belong in the wild!

Stick to marked or used campsites

Whether it’s a campground or the wild, stay close to the road and away from water sources to not bug the local wildlife. If you spot an area that looks camped-on before, you’re probably good to set up there.

Dispersed Camping

Respect other campers’ space

It’s tempting to take shortcuts through someone else’s campsite, but don’t do it. Stick to roads and trails to get around. It’s just good manners.

Manage your flashlight

Modern flashlights are super bright, but that doesn’t mean you should light up the whole forest. Point it down or use a dimmer light to keep it chill.

Give your neighbors some room

If a campsite is empty, enjoy the space! Don’t set up right next to someone else unless it’s really crowded.

Keep the tunes to yourself

Basically, blasting music or movies is a no-no. Enjoy the sounds of nature instead.

Minimize Campfire Impacts

Put that fire out—completely

A campfire is cozy, but a wildfire is scary. Always douse your fire with water or dirt until it’s cool to the touch, especially before you hit the hay or leave the campsite.

The bathroom isn’t for dishes

Need to wash up? Use a tub and water from the campsite, not the bathroom sink. And keep water sources clean by dumping used water away from them.

Stay in touch

Tell someone your plans before you go, and keep a two-way radio handy, especially in places without cell service. Safety first!

So there you have it, ten easy-peasy rules to keep camping fun and our campsites fabulous. Stick to these, and you’ll be the camping buddy everyone wants on their adventure.