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About Southwest Explorers


We do not claim to be “experts” but rather extreme outdoor enthusiasts who want to share our love and knowledge of the American Southwest with others to help them find new places to explore.

If you are looking for information about our audience, click here to view our information on Southwest Explorers Audience.

Meet Billie

I am an outdoor enthusiast who would rather be on a backcountry backpacking trip than a stroll on the beach (although I do love the beach!).

Living in Las Vegas has afforded me the opportunity to easily explore the Southwest region of the United States.

Billie Hillier

A nature lover, I am often found at the end of the pack taking photos and videos of the wildlife found on the trails. Colorful flowers, desert animals, and unusual geological rock formations are often the majority of my photos.

After living and traveling overseas for over a decade, my goal is to visit all the National Parks, Monuments, Recreation Areas, etc. My “passport” is always ready for the next stamp!

Nothing is better than a campfire and I love sharing mine with my hiking friends. We camp everywhere from backcountry to using our pop-up camper in the parks.

Bucket list places to explore: Alaska, Peru, and all the National Parks

Favorite hikes to date: Coyote Buttes North (Arizona), Coyote Buttes South (Arizona), White Pocket (Arizona), Havasupai (Arizona), Sedona (Arizona), and Subway near Zion NP (Utah)

Meet Spencer 

My parents raised me to appreciate nature and how to enjoy it with family and friends. Group camping trips, family hikes, and long ski weeks are what I grew up enjoying.

spencer hillier

As an adult, I now focus on more travel to backcountry areas to enjoy vistas and formations that not many get to see, trails that are on and off the beaten path, and camping.

Bucket list places to explore: Peru, China, Antarctica, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia

Favorite hikes to date: Havasupai (Arizona), Red Rock (Nevada), and Subway (Utah)

Meet Ryan

Growing up my family and I have always spent our free time and vacations in the great outdoors.

I’ve spent time living in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona and I have seen the beauty all over the Southwest. Now I enjoy exploring remote areas far off the beaten path and seeing what amazing things are out there. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire with friends and family after a long day of exploring and just talking.

Bucketlist: Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Peru

Favorite Hikes: Observation Point (Utah), Havasupai (Arizona), The Subway (Utah)

Meet Robin

I am a native to Nevada and I have spent my life enjoying the forests, deserts, and mountains of the Southwest.  As a child, my family preferred to camp, hike, or canoe for recreation.   Now that I am an adult, the outdoors has a new pull of adventure and we are constantly finding new places to go and new places to see.

Given a choice of how to spend my free time, I am hiking, camping, backpacking, and kayaking or planning new places to go.  These last few years, my free time has been spent truly exploring how amazing my backyard really is.  Some of my other hobbies include adapting recipes for cooking outdoors and reading.

My favorite day hikes are in the Spring Mountain Range. My favorite place to backpack is in the Eastern Sierra.

Meet Alex

When the outdoor calls I prefer to view it from my computer screen but sometimes I can be found on a trail or in the middle of the desert exploring.

alex at the wave

I am the one behind the sometimes snarky products that Southwest Explorers will be selling on our site and on Amazon.

If you are looking for cool t-shirts, stickers, and other fun products they will soon be online. (BTW, we do custom products too so if you have something in mind for a t-shirt, etc., drop us an email.)

Bucket list places to explore: Ireland, Peru, Turkey, and any place tropical. 

Favorite hikes to date: North Rim of the Grand Canyon (Arizona) and Coyote Buttes North (Arizona).

Meet Carson

I love to spend my days basking in the sun and catching crickets.


When I am not doing the basic “collared lizard” stuff I can be found out exploring with my people.

Named after the famous Southwest Explorer, Kit Carson, I hope to be as famous as him one day.

Bucket list places to explore: Any place with lots of sunshine, grasshoppers, and crickets.

Also, any place where I can meet a “live” Eastern Collared Lizard in the wild. 

Favorite hikes to date: I would love to be able to say The Wave but I was forgotten on the dashboard of the car. (No worries, I am a plastic replica so I survived their forgetfulness.)

Meet Sterling

Since I am part Red Heeler, I always like to be on the go.

sterling hiking

I love it when my family takes me on hikes because of all the sights and smells. Okay, who are we kidding, you know I am all about the various smells.

Since I am one of a “few” in my pack, my family doesn’t take me far from home for hikes so I only get to enjoy scrambling at Red Rock and trekking the trails at Mt. Charleston.

Bucket list places to explore: I am not sure what’s out there but any place my family is willing to take me, I would love to go!

Favorite hikes to date: Scrambling at Red Rock is a lot of fun so any hike at Red Rock is my favorite.