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Acoma Nevada

Acoma Nevada

Acoma Nevada Overview

Finding information on the extinct town of Acoma, also known as Acoma Station, in Lincoln County, Nevada has not been easy but we are working on it! 

I know there are some remnants in the town but I need to trek on over to Lincoln County and explore the area myself.

I found the following in the 1941 Nevada Origin of Names document:

ACOMA: A town on a dirt road off US 93 near the Nevada- Utah border, 22 miles east of Caliente. Settled c. 1905. Population, 15. An Indian name meaning “people of the village.”

And the following from a document published by Nevada State Historic Preservation Office:

In 1905, the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake Railroad was completed through the area. To support maintenance workers, a section house was built in Acoma, about six miles west of Beaver Dam State Park. Families from Acoma, Barclay, and other areas would come to Beaver Damn Wash in the summer for cooler temps and cold running water.

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Year Established/Founded

About 1905.

Acoma Nevada History

In the spring of 1904, the Utah and Eastern Copper Company started mining in the area.

The first settlement at Acoma was made in about 1905.

The name was probably transferred from the older settlement in New Mexico. The name probably means people of the white rock in the Keres language.

Post Office

A post office was in operation at Acoma from 1905 until 1913.

The population of Acoma, Nevada

In 1941, the Acoma had a population of 15.

GPS Coordinates

37.548  -114.172

How to Get to Acoma, Nevada

We do not have specific details at this time on the location of Acoma other than, a town on a dirt road off US 93 near the Nevada- Utah border, 22 miles east of Caliente.

References Used

Acoma Nevada