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Adaven Nevada

Adaven is a small unincorporated community located in Nye County, Nevada

Adaven Nevada

Adaven Nevada Overview

Located in the Quinn Canyon Range and 30 minutes north of Rachel, Adaven is a former mining settlement and ghost town in Nye County, Nevada.

The town’s name is Nevada spelled backward – Adaven.

Digging through old books and newspapers has not yielded much. The first newspaper reference I can find is in 1906.

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Year Established/Founded

The village was founded in 1890.

Adaven Nevada History

Not much is found about this small town but we are continuing our search.

Managed By

Private Property


  • 1870s – Thomas Sharp settled in the area to ranch cattle
  • 1890 – Settlement formed and named Sharp, after Thomas Sharp 
  • 1901 – A post office opened under the town name of Sharp
  • May 1, 1939 – The town of Sharp was renamed Adaven
  • 1953 – The post office closed

The Population of Adaven Nevada

What I find interesting is that Thomas Sharp is not found in Nye County for the United States Censuses I checked.

  • 95 residents on the 1910 United States Federal Census, Nevada, Nye, Sharp, District 0054, and an additional 7 residents on the Indian Population
  • 67 residents on the 1920 United States Federal Census, Nevada, Nye, Sharp, District 0027
  • 64 residents on the 1930 United States Federal Census, Nevada, Nye, Sharp, District 0017

Post Office

The post office was named Sharp (after Thomas Sharp) from 1901 until May 1, 1939, when it was renamed Adaven.

In 1953 the post office was closed, and thereafter, the town was abandoned.



GPS Coordinates

38.1321656, -115.6003093

How to Get to Adaven Nevada

  • Crystal Springs – 59 miles via N. Cres Road
  • Tonopah – 106 miles via US-6 E

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