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Albert John Cadwallader

Albert John Cadwallader’s life, spanning from 1874 to 1905, reflects a journey through the changing landscapes of California and Nevada during a transformative era in American history. Born in California, Albert’s early years were marked by familial joys and sorrows, witnessing the growth of his family and the loss of loved ones. His life story, set against the backdrop of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, offers a glimpse into the everyday experiences of a family navigating the opportunities and challenges of life in the American West.

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Albert John Cadwallader

Albert John Cadwallader Overview

Albert John Cadwallader, born in May 1874 in California, lived a life deeply intertwined with the historical and geographical shifts of his time. Tracing his roots back to Dutch Flat in Placer, California, Albert’s life was a tapestry of personal milestones and familial ties. He experienced the sadness of losing his father and a brother, the joy of welcoming new siblings, and the constant movement across California before his life concluded in Nye County, Nevada, in 1905. His journey through different towns and the evolving dynamics of his family offer a window into the life of an individual during a period of significant change in the American West.

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May 1874 • California, United States of America


No information available


Death on 11 January 1905 in Nye County, Nevada, USA


  • Parents:
    • David Cadwallader (1848–1877)
    • Martha M. Roberts (1850–1938)
  • Siblings:
    • William Henry Cadwallader (1873–1948)
    • Sophie E. Cadwallader (1876–1954)
    • David Nobel Cadwallader (1878–1899)
  • Spouse: [No information available]
  • Children: [No information available]


  • May 1874: Born in California, USA.
  • About 1876: Birth of sister Sophie E. Cadwallader.
  • August 8, 1877: Death of father David Cadwallader in Dutch Flat, Placer, California, USA.
  • About 1878: Birth of brother David Nobel Cadwallader.
  • 1880: Resided in Dutch Flat, Placer, California, USA.
  • 1896: Resided in Placer, California, USA.
  • October 1899: Death of brother David Nobel Cadwallader in Colfax, Placer, California, USA.
  • 1900: Resided in Grass Valley, Nevada, California, USA.
  • January 11, 1905: Died in Nye County, Nevada, USA.
  • 1905: Death on 11 January 1905 in Nye County, Nevada, USA. Burial in Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, United States of America.

Places Lived

  • California, United States of America: Born and raised, with residences in Dutch Flat, Placer, and Grass Valley, Nevada, California.
  • Nye County, Nevada, USA: Passed away and buried here.


Old Tonopah Cemetery in Nye County, Nevada.

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