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Alkali Flat Hot Spring

Alkali Flat Hot Spring

Alkali Flat Hot Spring Overview

Alkali Hot Spring is located in the ghost town of Alkali in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The spring is located on a travertine knoll southeast of Alkali Lake, a seasonal saline lake. 

Mining towns popped up all over Nevada, especially in areas that had water sources that were needed to process the ore.

During the 1930s during the Goldfield peak, the area was operated by Geni and Jo Guisti as a spa with their residence at the rear of the dining room of the large building that housed a dance hall, bar, and kitchen. In front of the dining room were tall tamarisk trees and a large picnic table where visitors could either order from the dining room or bring their own lunches. The site also included an indoor wooden swimming pool with a separate area for children.  Geni Guisti served young folks grape juice over ice at the bar, which was considered a real treat. Friday and Saturday night dances were attended by Tonopah residents. A few buildings remain in the area that are remnants of the facility.

The waters of the spring originally appeared as a series of small seeps. In the early 1900s, Consolidated Mines Co. created a 40-foot adit to collect the seeps into a single flow. At the time, the water was pumped about 10 miles to the Combination Mill at Goldfield. The adit entrance temperature was reported to be 140 °F.

A Goldfield resident stated that the source of the spring is under the defunct powerhouse.

The spring is reported to contain lithium, though the surface of nearby Alkali Flat does not.

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Managed By

Private land

Water Temperature

The water temperatures vary throughout the year with the water from the tubs to the pool being cooler than the source and hot springs which range between 100° and 112°.

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Soaking Status

There are two primitive tubs that are open for soaking.

Hours Open

Always open.



Time Allowed



No glass.


None at this time.



GPS Coordinates

37.8247161  -117.337563 


Hot Springs Road (at the intersection with Silverpeak Road).

How to Get to Alkali Flat Hot Spring

  • 12 miles from Goldfield via US-95 N and Silverpeak Road
  • 20 miles south of Tonopah via US-95 S


Alkali Hot Spring is easy to get to as you can drive to the spring via a paved road until you hit a dirt road to access the spring. 

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Parking at Alkali Flat Hot Spring

Roadside parking.

Distance From Parking

Easy walk from parking to the spring.

Contact Information

None at this time.

Alkali Flat Hot Springs Weather

Below are the average high and low temperatures for the area with the number of days of average rainfall.

  • January – 46° / 25° – 1 day
  • February – 50° / 29° – 2 days
  • March – 56° / 34° – 3 days
  • April – 64° / 39° – 2 days
  • May – 74° / 47° – 2 days
  • June – 84° / 55° – 1 day
  • July – 92° / 64° – 1 day
  • August – 90° / 62° – 1 day
  • September – 81° / 53° – 1 day
  • October – 69° / 42° – 1 day
  • November – 55° / 32° – 1 day
  • December – 46° / 25° – 1 day



Cell Phone Service at Alkali Flat Hot Spring

Unknown at this time.


There are campsites in the immediate area but make sure your camping is not on private land.


We have found conflicting information on whether dogs can be brought to the area.

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Alkali Flat Hot Spring