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Alpine Nevada

Alpine Nevada

Alpine Nevada Overview

Alpine was a mining district organized in 1864, north of Eastgate and about 40 miles west of Austin, located in Churchill County, Nevada. Also, known as Clan Alpine and Pinewood.

I found references that the mining district was named for the nearby Alpine Clan Range and that the nearby Alpine Clan Range was named for the mining district. 

The Clan Alpine Mountains took its name from the nearby mining district with at least eight mines located in the northwestern part of the range north of Healy Peak in the Bernice and Hoyt canyons on the northwest flank of the range.

The mining group was worked from 1866 and was known as the Bernice, Salina, or Alamo district. 

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The mines produced antimony, silver, gold, tungsten, and molybdenum.

Year Established/Founded


Alpine Nevada History

The Alpine District was organized as Clan Alpine District but the camp was abandoned and has not been active since then.


  • 1864 – The district was organized as Clan Alpine District
  • 1866 – Mill erected and the district had 14 registered voters but the camp was abandoned shortly afterward 

The Population of Alpine Nevada

In November 1866 there were 14 registered voters.




From Lincoln:

The Alpine District is at Alpine in W. Churchill Co. Fallon on the 79 m.W.

GPS Coordinates

39° 37′ 28.71″ N, 117° 52′ 32.44″ W

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Photos and Videos

Gold Hill Daily News · Gold Hill, Nevada · Tuesday, May 17, 1864

We have been shown some very fine surface ore from the new district, called Clan Alpine, some 90 miles northwest of Virginia. On such pieces at have been roasted, an abundance of silver is to be teen In the form of small globules.

Gold Hill Daily News · Gold Hill, Nevada · Monday, October 03, 1864

Clan Alpine District. Today we had the pleasure of conversing with a friend who has just come from this new district. He reports about twenty men vigorously at work opening their several claims. Some rock from these claims, which we saw is undoubtedly rich in gold and silver. About seventeen different ledges have been struck, the most of which are bold and well defined on the top, and of easy access. A stream of beautiful clear and pure water tumbles through the hills, affording the miners excellent drinking water and of sufficient quantity to furnish motive power to numerous mills. The whole aspect of the District is very cheering, and prospectors feel confident of having secured a handsome fortune when the mines shall have been properly developed.

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Alpine Nevada