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Alpine Pond at Cedar Breaks Monument

Alpine Pond at Cedar Breaks Monument

Overview of Alpine Pond Hike

The loop trail is located in Cedar Breaks National Monument and is one of the few trails available in the park.

The Alpine Pond hike is an easy family-friendly short hike containing gorgeous forest views and if the timing is right, vibrant wildflowers.

This easy 2-mile trail meanders through forests and meadows and past the Alpine Pond.

Trailheads are located at Chessman Ridge Overlook and the north Alpine Pond parking area.

At either end, the path splits into a flat upper route that weaves in and out of subalpine meadows or a lower route that descends into a spruce-fir forest.

Both feature the Alpine Pond, a lush spring-fed water source that supports many plants and animals.

A series of short switchbacks connects the upper and lower loops at the pond.

The distance from either trailhead to the pond is a half mile.

The Alpine Pond Trail provides a unique opportunity for self-guided learning. A trail guide is available for purchase at the Information Center or at both trailheads. You can also download The Alpine Pond Trail app, a mobile application developed to serve as an interpretive guide for this trail.

Alpine Pond Hike Information and Stats

  • Route Type: Loop
  • Distance: 2.0 miles
  • Trailhead Elevation: 10,567′
  • Elevation Gain: ~200′
  • Difficulty: The Alpine Pond Trail is easy to moderate for most hikers. The elevation of the trail, approximately 10,500′, makes the hike a little more strenuous.
  • Terrain: The path is mostly dirt and depending on the season the trail could have a bit of mud to pass through.

alpine pond

Getting to Alpine Pond

Take UT-148 until you reach one of the two parking areas to access Alpine Pond.

From Cedar City, Utah, take UT-14 east about 18 miles and turn north on UT-148 towards Cedar Breaks and Panguitch Lake.

The monument is 4 miles up the road. You pass through a green gate just before entering Cedar Breaks National Monument. Pull off to the left at the park visitor center to pay the entrance fee at the small kiosk, and continue driving north on UT 148 for another two miles.

You pass the campground on your right and the Sunset Point overlook will be on your left before arriving at the trailhead.

Turn left into the parking lot for Chessman Ridge Overlook, one of two parking areas for the Alpine Pond trail.

We parked at the Chessman Ridge Overlook parking lot and took the Upper Pond Trail to the pond and the Lower Pond Trail to return to the parking lot.

Other Information About Alpine Pond

  • Cellular Service: We had service in most places for Verizon and ATT
  • Kid Friendly: Yes but be careful near the edges as there are significant cliff drops
  • Dog-Friendly: No, dogs are not allowed on this trail

What to Take on Your Hike to Alpine Pond

Photos of Alpine Pond

The parking lot at Chessman Ridge Overlook. This photo was taken on my way back to the parking lot from the overlook.

If you are in the Chessman Ridge Overlook parking lot, the path to the overlook will be to the left and the Alpine Pond Trail will be to the right.

Beautiful bursts of color come each summer to Cedar Breaks when wildflowers bloom throughout the monument. The brilliance and length of the wildflower bloom depend on a number of weather factors, such as snow depth, length of winter, intensity and frequency of summer rainstorms, and average temperatures throughout the year. The ever-changing weather patterns mean no two wildflower seasons are alike.

A few of the wildlife that may be seen on your hike. If you get the rare chance of seeing a Pika, tell a Park Ranger.

This box is empty so download the mobile app or but at the Visitors Center before you hit the Alpine Pond Trail.

The sign that leads to the Upper Trail

The terrain of the trail. Lots of dirt paths with fallen trees.

Sign marking the Upper Trail. You can also see the terrain here is different with rock and dirt.

The rocks were the Marmots hang out – we didn’t see any on our trip but have before.

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Alpine Pond at Cedar Breaks Monument