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Amargosa River

The Amargosa River, winding through the arid landscapes of Nevada and California, presents a unique juxtaposition of desert beauty and riparian vitality. This river, with its unlikely course through some of the driest regions in North America, is a lifeline in the desert, supporting diverse ecosystems and providing a rare and stunning natural spectacle.

Amargosa River

Amargosa River Overview

The Amargosa River is an intermittent waterway, famed for its underground stretches and surface flows that create a rare desert oasis. It carves its way through the Mojave Desert, offering a unique and dynamic environment that defies the arid surroundings.

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The river’s sources are springs and seeps in the Nevada Test Site and Spring Mountains, feeding into this vital desert river.


The Amargosa River culminates its journey in Death Valley, California, where it becomes a critical source of water in one of the hottest and driest places on Earth.


The river traverses through areas such as Beatty, Nevada, and Amargosa Valley, weaving its way into the heart of Death Valley National Park.

GPS Coordinates

The coordinates vary along its course but generally follow a path through southern Nevada into Death Valley in California.


The elevation of the river changes dramatically, starting from higher elevations in the Nevada mountains and descending into below-sea-level basins in Death Valley.


The Amargosa River spans approximately 185 miles, making it a significant watercourse in the Mojave Desert region.


It supports a diverse range of wildlife, including the rare Amargosa vole, desert pupfish, and a variety of migratory birds, making it an ecological hotspot.


The river corridor is lined with riparian vegetation, including mesquite, willows, and cottonwoods, creating a stark contrast with the surrounding desert landscapes.

The Amargosa River is more than just a waterway; it’s a symbol of life and resilience in a harsh landscape. Its presence nourishes a rich biodiversity and offers a strikingly beautiful natural environment for exploration and appreciation.

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Amargosa River