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American City Explored: A Guide to Storey County’s Ghostly Treasure

American City Nevada

American City Nevada Overview

Nestled in the heart of Storey County, Nevada, lies the captivating ghost town of American City. A once-thriving mining settlement, American City now offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past. The town’s intriguing history, rich in mining activity and fascinating stories, beckons travelers to explore its remnants and rediscover the spirit of the Old West.
American City was a post office and Storey County, Nevada.

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Year Established/Founded

January 1864

American City Nevada History

During its heyday between 1864 and 1866, the bustling town of American City boasted two grand hotels and a variety of other businesses, complete with its own township officials. However, the settlement struggled to establish a lasting community.

The area remained relatively dormant until 1920 when the United Comstock Mining Co. erected a four-story, $1.5 million cyanide mill made of reinforced concrete at the southern end of the Comstock Lode. This mill, designed to process low-grade ores, was connected to the Virginia & Truckee’s main line via a two-mile-long spur. In 1923, Comstock Merger Mines, Inc. was established to manage a group of Comstock mines situated at the heart of the lode. The same year, they acquired the U.C.M.C.’s mill after the latter went out of business.

The small company camp of Comstock, located just below the mill, featured a store, houses, a post office, and other structures until December 1926. At this time, the Merger Mines Company ceased operations due to the low price of silver. A San Francisco-based firm purchased all the equipment and salvaged any removable parts, but significant concrete remnants of the mill can still be found today.


  • 1860s: The mining boom in Storey County sparks the development of American City.
  • January 12, 1864 – American Flat – In an item in our yesterday’s paper, respecting the title to the lands where American Flat is located, we stated that there were conflicting titles to the same. A gentleman tolerably well acquainted with the circumstances of the location informs us that this is a mistake, and that the present owners have a clear chain of title from the original pre-emptors. We are glad to make the correction, as American City is bound to ” loom op ” in the course of a year or two. [Gold Hill Daily News – Gold Hill, Nevada · Tuesday, January 12, 1864]
  • January 16, 1864 – American City – Any person desirous of seeing the site of what will be a large city, in the course of a few years, ought to take a ride out to what is now known as American Flat – a mile and a half south of Gold Hill, Among the substantial improvements now going on, is a stone dwelling house, which is being built by Mr. Couley, one of the owners of a tract of land adjoining the city site proper. We shall shortly publish a full sketch of the new town. [Gold Hill Daily News – Gold Hill, Nevada -16 Jan 1864, Sat • Page 3]
  • January 19, 1864 – Bus to American City – Messrs. Bishop and Davis have put on an omnibus between this place and American City, and will make four trips each way daily until further notice. The growing importance of the new town will soon require more frequent trips. [Gold Hill Daily News – Gold Hill, Nevada -19 Jan 1864, Tue • Page 3]
  • February 10, 1864 – American City – In the House, yesterday Mr. Phillips presented a petition from citizens of Storey county praying the segregation of American City from the Gold Hill corporation. In presenting the petition, Mr. Phillips remarked that it was signed mainly by citizens of Virginia, and he wished to get the sense of the actual residents of American City first. The petition was referred to the Storey [Gold Hill Daily News – Gold Hill, Nevada – 10 Feb 1864, Wed • Page 2]
  • March 6, 1866 – The American City post office opened
  • February 3, 1868 – The American City post office closed


Information about specific mines in American City is limited, but records indicate that they primarily produced silver and gold during their operation.


The Virginia and Truckee Railroad is known to have served the region during the mining boom, connecting American City to nearby communities and facilitating the transport of goods and people.

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Post Office

The post office in America City, Nevada was open from March 6, 1866, to February 3, 1868, and below are the postmasters that we are aware of.

  • Horatio S Winn 6 Mar 1866 America City
  • Asbury B Hustler 5 Feb 1867 America City

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The Population of American City Nevada

Unknown at this time.


American City sits at an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet above sea level.


The ghost town is located in Storey County, Nevada, in the heart of the state’s picturesque high desert landscape.

American City Nevada

GPS Coordinates

Exact GPS coordinates for American City are not available, but the town can be found within Storey County, Nevada, by consulting historical maps and resources.

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Photos and Videos

American City Nevada

Gold Hill Daily News · Gold Hill, Nevada · Saturday, January 23, 1864


American City Nevada

Gold Hill Daily News · Gold Hill, Nevada · Monday, February 15, 1864

References Used

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American City Nevada