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Ancram Nevada

Uncover the story of Ancram, a historical site in Nye County, Nevada, that offers a unique window into the region’s past. This lesser-known location, rich in history and cultural significance, beckons those interested in exploring the remnants of yesteryear.

Ancram Nevada

Ancram Nevada Overview

Ancram, situated in the heart of Nye County, Nevada, is a location wrapped in historical layers, dating back to an era of exploration and development in the American West. While details about Ancram are scarce, its existence in a county known for mining and pioneering ventures hints at a potentially rich and untold history.

Ancram was a railroad siding and today there are no visible remains of the old town located in Nye County, Nevada

It was a siding town on the Bullfrog-Goldfield Railroad from 1906 through 1928 located  12 miles from ghost town Tolicha, Nevada.

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My super duper sleuthing skills came up with nothing about this town but we won’t stop looking. From what we can tell, it’s not worth looking for but we will go scout the area if we can and update this article once we know for sure.

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Acram Nevada
Reno Gazette-Journal • Reno, Nevada • 19 Jan 1923, Fri • Page 10

Transcription of the above newspaper clipping:


TONOPAH, Jan. 19. (Special to the Gazette) The first crew and first shipment of supplies by the Knox interests for the Tolicha district went out yesterday, morning on the south bound train of the Tonopah & Tidewater for delivery at the siding known as Ancram, eleven miles from Tolicha. 

Acram Nevada
Tonopah Daily Bonanza • Tonopah, Nevada • 08 Oct 1920, Fri • Page 1

Transcription of the above newspaper clipping 

Tolicha is situated in Nye county 47 miles southeast of Goldfield by the county road, or 68 miles south via the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad to the station of Ancram, 12 miles due north of the new camp. An excellent trucking road with a firm foundation connects the railroad with a firm foundation connects the railroad with the camp, and it is believed that this will prove the popular gateway. Ancram is the name for a sidetrack that has been seldom used, but with the development of activity at Tolicha the railroad will move the sidetrack several hundred yards away from a stretch of sand that now interferes with handling heavy shipments on trucks.

While much about Ancram in Nye County remains a mystery, its very existence as a historical site in Nevada piques curiosity. For history enthusiasts and explorers alike, Ancram stands as a silent invitation to uncover more about Nevada’s rich and varied past.

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Ancram Nevada