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Angel’s Ladies Brothel and Its Iconic Plane Crash

Nestled in the arid expanses of Beatty, Nevada, Angel’s Ladies Brothel, once a legal establishment on a vast 70-acre ranch, boasts a history as colorful and intriguing as the state itself. Known initially as Circle C Ranch and subsequently as Vickie’s and Fran’s Star Ranch, this 5,000-square-foot brothel took on its final name in 1997 after Mack and Angel Moore’s acquisition. Although its doors closed in August 2014, the legacy of Angel’s Ladies, marked by a sensational plane crash stunt gone awry, endures as a testament to Nevada’s unique blend of history and entertainment.

Angel’s Ladies

Angel’s Ladies Overview

Nevada is known for a lot of unique things that make us different than other states and legal brothels are another one of those attractions. Yes, brothels here are considered attractions as some allow you to step inside and see what it’s all about if you want. No purchase is necessary! 

Located three miles north of Beatty, Nevada was a 5,000-square-foot legal brothel situated on a 70-acre ranch that was known as Fran’s Star Ranch until it was renamed Angel’s Ladies in 1997 after being purchased by Mack and Angel Moore (self-proclaimed “Christian fundamentalist swingers). 

This is more of a novelty stop, if anything, to check out the crashed plane by the sign.

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Angel’s Ladies History

Prior to the 1970s, the brothel had been known variously as Circle C Ranch, Fran’s Star Ranch, and Vickie’s Star Ranch.

In 2007 Moore’s attempted to sell the brothel and it later closed on August 10, 2014, when Mack retired.

A Stunt That Became a Spectacle

The most captivating chapter in the brothel’s history unfolded on May 28, 1977, with a promotional stunt that would etch Angel’s Ladies into the annals of Nevada’s quirky roadside attractions. The brothel’s owners, embracing the establishment’s “Star Ranch” moniker, drew a star on the desert floor with a mattress at its center. The dare? Clients could parachute from a plane, aiming for the mattress, to win a night with a chosen lady. But fate had other plans. The twin-engine aircraft, perhaps distracted by the allure of its destination, crashed on the property. Remarkably, all passengers survived, leaving behind a wreckage that would become an iconic spectacle.

The Brothel’s Media Footprint

Angel’s Ladies didn’t just make headlines with its stunt; it also captured the public’s imagination through media portrayals. In 2000, a documentary film titled “Angel’s Ladies” provided an intimate look into the lives of those who ran and worked at the brothel. Moreover, the establishment featured in Marc McAndrews’ 2011 photography book “Nevada Rose,” offering a glimpse into the world of rural Nevada brothels.

A Landmark Transformed

The brothel’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. Despite efforts to sell the establishment in 2007 and a brief foreclosure, Mack Moore continued to operate it until his retirement in 2014. The site, with its now-iconic airplane wreckage, transformed from an active brothel to a haunting yet fascinating roadside landmark. The Beechcraft C-45, battered by time and desert conditions, serves as a silent witness to the brothel’s storied past, its fuselage a canvas for graffiti, and the memories of a bygone era.

GPS Coordinates

36.9419003°N 116.7367822°W


US-95, Beatty, NV 89003

Today, Angel’s Ladies stands as a unique relic in Nevada’s diverse tapestry of attractions. While the brothel no longer operates, its legacy, encapsulated by the plane wreckage and the vibrant billboard, continues to draw the curious and history enthusiasts alike. A visit to this site offers more than a glimpse into Nevada’s past; it’s a journey into a world where audacity met ambition, leaving behind a story as enduring as the desert itself.

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