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Archer Nevada

Step into the ephemeral world of Archer, a fleeting mining camp in Nye County, Nevada, that briefly surfaced in the annals of history during the gold rush of 1904. Situated near the more famous Tonopah, Archer’s story is a snapshot of the rapid rise and fall typical of mining camps of that era.

Archer Nevada

Archer Nevada Overview

Archer, a former mining camp located just a stone’s throw from Tonopah, Nevada, encapsulates the quintessential boom-to-bust story of early 20th-century mining endeavors. Established in the summer of 1904 due to promising gold discoveries, Archer’s existence was as short-lived as the gold rush that birthed it, leaving behind no physical remnants but a fascinating historical footnote.

The mining camp of Archer in Nye County, Nevada sprang up during the summer of 1904 and was deserted the same year with no remnants left behind to show its existence.

The camp did not have permanent structures and the residents lived out of tents during its short time of being active.

I found two newspaper references, one in November and one in December, but neither contained information that describes the town or its history.

Archer’s history is a brief but notable chapter in Nevada’s mining saga. The camp sprang to life in 1904 following the discovery of gold in the area. Unlike many other mining towns of the era, Archer was composed solely of tents, reflecting the transitory optimism of its inhabitants.

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Year Established/Founded

Founded and deserted in 1904.

GPS Coordinates

38°2′41″N 117°11′22″W

Archer, in its brief moment in history, epitomizes the fleeting fortunes of mining camps in the American West. Today, it exists only in historical records, a testament to the ephemeral nature of gold rushes and the enduring allure of such tales in Nevada’s storied past.

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Archer Nevada