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Arrowhead Nevada

Arrowhead Nevada

Arrowhead Nevada Overview

Arrowhead was a small but active silver mining distr in Nye County, Nevada with production ceasing about 1923.

Also known as the Needles District.

The area consisted of a few stores, several dwellings, a garage, and a post office. A few remnants of the town’s existence remain.

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Year Established/Founded

The property was optioned in the spring of 1919 and was established in August 1919 and was active until 1923.

While the town had stores, a garage, a post office, and some dwellings, the town never grew large.

Arrowhead Nevada History

Originally known as the Needles District when formed in 1919.


Silver, lead, gold, arsenic, and antimony.

Arrowhead and Arrowhead Extention Mines.

Post Office

December 24, 1919 – September 4, 1924

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References state:

  • Arrowhead is located in a narrow, sandy gulch in the Reveille Range.
  • Situated at Arrowhead, 4 miles south of Twin Springs at the north end of the Reveille Range.
  • The Arrowhead district is located on the north end of the Reveille Range, immediately north of the Reveille mining district in Township 3 North, Ranges 51-1/2 and 52 East, Nye County.

Arrowhead Nevada

GPS Coordinates

38° 4′ 37.77″ N, 116° 11′ 27.18″ W

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Arrowhead Nevada