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Arthur Raycraft House

Nestled in the heart of Nye County, Nevada, the Arthur Raycraft home stands as a timeless testament to the rich history and architectural heritage of the region. Built in the early 20th century, this historic residence not only reflects the unique design elements of its era but also tells the story of a community shaped by the ebbs and flows of Nevada’s colorful past. As one approaches the well-preserved structure, with its distinctive features and rustic charm, it becomes evident why the Arthur Raycraft home is not just a house, but a living piece of Nye County’s history.

Arthur Raycraft House

Arthur Raycraft House Overview

The Arthur Raycraft House, on Booker Street in Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, is a historic stone house that was built in 1906. 

It was deemed significant for its association with banker and businessman Arthur G. Raycraft, and for its substantial architecture.

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Year Established/Founded

The house was constructed in 1906 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 20, 1982.

Arthur Raycraft House History

From the National Register of Historic Places  application:

The Arthur Raycraft House, built in 1906, is significant as the residence of an outstanding citizen of Tonopah, Arthur G. Raycraft; and as an important stone structure built during Tonopah’s boom period.

Arthur G. Raycraft came to Tonopah from Carson City in 1904 following his appointment to the Nye and Ormsby County Bank at Tonopah. He served as cashier until his resignation during the 1907 economic panic when he sold his house and moved from Tonopah. Besides his position at the bank, Raycraft acted as treasurer of the Jim Butler Mining Extension Co. in 1905, and with Key Pittman (later to become U.S. senator) he obtained a franchise for a street railway system.

The panic of 1907 curtailed momentum for the streetcar system and it was never built.

After Raycraft left Tonopah he served as president and general manager of the Manhattan Dexter Mining Co. where he achieved prominence by installing the first wireless telegraph system in Nevada.

The Raycraft House is also noteworthy as an outstanding example of stone residential construction during the height of the Tonopah boom. The house is an interesting variation of the dominant residential style in Tonopah of that time. The addition of the two Queen Anne Style turrets on opposing ends of the front facade provides a unique adaptation of Victorian elements, applied to a basic Neo-Colonial building format.

The Arthur Raycraft House is among the most noteworthy residential structures in Tonopah both for its historical association with prominent businessman, Arthur G. Raycraft, and its unique architectural qualities.


Unknown at this time. 


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Booker Street in Tonopah, Nevada

GPS Coordinates

38°04′03″N 117°14′10″W

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Photos and Videos

Arthur Raycraft House
Photo from the NRHP application – photographer unknown

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Arthur Raycraft House