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Auburn Nevada

Auburn Nevada

Auburn Nevada Overview

Man, this ghost town of Auburn that was in Washoe County, Nevada is truly a ghost as my regular go-to resources for information do not have much on it! At first, I thought maybe a county or state line change had it absorbed into California but I don’t believe that is what happened with this one. Just another blip on the screen that had a short life.

The only reference I can find is the “ghost town bible” that states it was located 2 1/2 miles northeast of downtown Reno. The book also shares the following: After an English mining and milling company built a 20-stamp mill at the north end of the Truckee Meadows in 1865, the mill camp of Auburn sprang up. It died when Reno was founded in the spring of 1868, though the mill continued to operate during the 1870s and occasionally in the 1880s. Reno’s later growth had overtaken the site by 1951 but mill ditches still remain.

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Auburn Nevada