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Barnes Nevada

Embark on a journey through time as you discover the fascinating history and forgotten stories of Barnes, a ghost town nestled in the vast landscape of White Pine County, Nevada. Once a bustling hub of mining activity, Barnes now stands as a testament to the rise and fall of the American West. Explore its abandoned buildings and rich history, as you unravel the mysteries that surround this intriguing ghost town.

Barnes Nevada

Barnes Nevada Overview

Barnes is a ghost town located in White Pine County, Nevada.

Its history is deeply rooted in the mining industry, which played a significant role in its establishment, growth, and eventual decline. Today, the remnants of the town offer a unique glimpse into the past, attracting visitors who are interested in exploring the history of the American West.

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Year Established/Founded

Before July 28, 1902.

Barnes Nevada History

The town of Barnes was founded during the gold and silver mining boom in Nevada, attracting prospectors and settlers who were seeking fortune and a better life. The town grew rapidly, with numerous mines, a post office, a newspaper, and a burgeoning population. However, as the mines began to deplete and the economy shifted, the town experienced a decline, eventually becoming the ghost town that it is today.

An early post office near Preston was established on July 28, 1902, and discontinued on February 28, 1907.

The town was named by Joseph Judd in honor of the first man who took water from the White River for irrigation purposes, Mr. Barnes.

The town or a nearby town had a school where Miss Comins was a teacher as I found a reference of “Miss Etta Comins departed Tuesday for Barnes, where she has been engaged to teach the spring term of school.” and “Miss Etta Comins and two of her girl pupils were in from Barnes to attend the Thanksgiving festivities.

Another reference from The White Pine News, “Assemblyman Jos. Judd of Barnes came up from the ranch yesterday to interview his constituents concerning the political complexion of this section.”

There is not a lot to be found on this town other than mentions of residents visiting other places, etc. Joseph Judd is in the news a lot throughout the years.


  • Early 1900s: Barnes is founded during the Nevada mining boom.
  • 1900s-1910s: Rapid growth in population and infrastructure, including mines, post office, and newspaper.
  • 1920s-1930s: Decline in mining activity and economic downturn leads to a decrease in population.
  • Mid-1900s onwards: Barnes becomes a ghost town, attracting visitors interested in its history.


The primary commodities mined in Barnes were gold and silver. Various mines were established in the area, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the town during its heyday.


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

A post office was established in Barnes to cater to the needs of the growing population, and it played a crucial role in connecting the town with the outside world.

July 28, 1902 –  February 28, 1907


  • Joseph Judd July 28, 1902, Barnes

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The town of Barnes had its own local newspaper, which served as a source of news, entertainment, and advertisements for the community during its peak.

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The Population of Barnes Nevada

At its height, Barnes boasted a population of several hundred residents, comprised mainly of miners, their families, and other settlers. The population dwindled as the mining industry declined and people moved away in search of new opportunities.


Barnes is situated at an elevation of approximately 6,200 feet (1,890 meters) above sea level.


Barnes is located in White Pine County, Nevada, and is accessible by dirt roads that branch off from US Highway 50.

Barnes Nevada

GPS Coordinates

The approximate GPS coordinates for Barnes, Nevada are 39.4299° N, 114.4161° W.

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Photos and Videos

Barnes Nevada

The White Pine News Ely, Nevada 12 Jul 1907, Fri • Page 2

Barnes. Barnes was formerly a postoffice on White river, six miles northwest of Preston, but the office was discontinued last March. There is nothing there but the Joseph Judd ranch which has recently passed out of the hands of Mr. Judd, and is now owned by C. Hermanson of Ely. The ranch comprises about 300 acres and produces hay, grain and vegetables and pasture. Mr. Judd gave the postoffice the name of Barnes in honor of the first man who took water from White river for irrigation purposes. The Haydon ranch is two miles above Barnes on the same stream and contains in the neighborhood of 300 acres, it is hay land and all under fence. Two miles further up is the place of James McQueen. Mr. McQueen grows hay, grain and vegetables and he markets his products largely in Ely.

References Used

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Barnes Nevada


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