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Barton Brothers of Meadow Valley Wash

Barton Brothers of Meadow Valley Wash

Isaac “Ike” Barton and his brother Lorenzo Dow Barton settled the meadow area around the junction of Meadow Valley Wash and Clover Creek in Lincoln County, Nevada.

Later, this area was named Dutch Flat until it was renamed Culverwell’s Ranch in 1901.

Almost all the research that I found on Ike and Dow said they were escaped slaves from Arkansas and one reference said they were freed slaves.

In my research, I found them on a census which didn’t make sense since they were supposed to have been slaves at one point and they were not listed on a slave schedule that I can find but a regular census so I went further down the genealogy rabbit hole. I cannot find the family before 1850 and it’s possible they were on a slave schedule before the 1860 census but so far, in my opinion, the Barton brothers were never slaves that I can find. (Of course, records could be lost or I haven’t seen the documents showing them on a slave schedule.)

Isaac Barton, Sr.

Isaac Barton was born possibly in Georgia or Illinois in about 1800 and was married at least once to an unknown woman. Together, they had the following children:

  • Susan Barton, b. 1830 – d. 1908
  • Margaret Barton, b. 1831
  • Lorenzo Dow Barton, b. 1832 – d. 1919
  • Isaac “Ike” Barton, b. 1843 – d. 1926

On the 1860 census, there is a Pauline Richardson, b. 1851 – d. 1926, but I cannot figure out 100% how she is related. From what I have found, she was Isaac’s daughter but further search is needed to determine the relationship. I THINK there is a chance that Margaret is actually his wife and not his daughter based on the listing order of the 1860 census. I am trying to research to see if Margaret is Pauline’s mom. No luck yet, but working on it!

Lorenzo Dow Barton

He is found more by the name Dow Barton vs. Lorenzo Barton and owned a ranch in Lincoln County, Nevada.

There are multiple references to him in local papers notifying that he is a registered voter, found a horse on his property, documenting his land deeds, and more. Below is the most interesting that I have found, which is when he filed for separation from his wife in 1913.

  • 1860, Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas Territory – Lorenzo D. Borden, 26
  • 1870, Panaca, Washington, Utah Territory – Dow Barton, 37
  • 1875, Lincoln County – D. Barton, 39
  • 1880, Meadow Valley Wash, Lincoln, Nevada, USA – Lorenzo D. Barton, 50
  • January 4, 1896, Married Mary E. Kelly (second marriage) in Dutch Flat, Nevada
  • 1900, Meadow Valley Wash, Lincoln, Nevada – Dow Barton, 76 (lists he is married but cannot find his wife on census)
  • 1910, Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, USA – Dow Barton, 77 (lists he is married for a second time for 14 years but cannot find his wife on census)
  • May 1913 – Separated from wife, Mary E. Kelly
  • 19 Jan 1919, Died in Kern, California
Lorenzo Dow Barton

The Pioche Record • Pioche, Nevada • 03 May 1913, Sat • Page 1



Judge Taber’s time was taken up to a considerable extent this week in the disposition of a number of divorce hearings. Dow Barton, the colored farmer residing in the neighborhood of Caliente, was granted’ a decree of separation from his wife, Mary E. Barton.

Isaac “Ike” Barton, Jr.

Below are the details I have found about Issac:

  • 1860, Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas Territory – Isaac Borden, 18
  • 1870, Panaca, Washington, Utah Territory – Isaac Barton, 26
  • 1875, Lincoln County – I. Barton, 39
  • 1880, Meadow Valley Wash, Lincoln, Nevada, USA – Isaac Barton, 38
  • 1885, married Carrie ______
  • 1900, Dutch Flat, Lincoln, Nevada – Isaac Barton, 56
  • 1910, Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, USA – Isaac Barton, 65
  • May 5, 1926, Died in San Bernandino, California

His wife Carried was born in Missouri or Mississippi in September 1858 and died of “bowel cancer” in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 13, 1908. She was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Together, they did not have any children.

Isaac Barton Death

The San Bernardino County Sun San Bernardino, California 06 May 1926, Thu • Page 4

ISAAC BARTON Isaac Barton died at his home, 994 Sixth street, yesterday morning at 10 o’clock at the age- of years. He was a native of Arkansas, but had been a resident of this state for the past 13 years, the last four being in San Bernardino. Surviving are four nieces: Mrs. F. W. Andrews of San Bernardino. Mrs. George Betha of Bakersflied. Mrs. Harry James and Mrs. CM. Cunningham of Arkansas. Funeral service will be this afternoon at 4 o’clock from the New-Hope Baptist church, the Mark B. Shaw company being in charge.

Barton Brothers of Meadow Valley Wash

Rebecca Snetselaar

Thursday 29th of June 2023

P. S. The Margaret in the 1860 census was Dow's wife. She divorced him in 1865. The four siblings were Susan, Dow, Isaac and Pauline. Yes Pauline was a sister.

Rebecca Snetselaar

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Really? This is your research? I think not. Looks more like mine. Seriously. And I know how many years and how much searching it took to compile this information.

Patrick Gaffey

Sunday 3rd of December 2023

@Rebecca Snetselaar, Great work, Rebecca, on an important subject. Thanks! Patrick Gaffey