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Baxter Springs Nevada

Baxter Springs, a fleeting gold rush town in Nye County, Nevada, encapsulates the quintessential story of boom and bust that characterized many mining settlements in the early 20th century. Situated near the Manhattan mining area, its brief existence was marked by rapid growth and an equally swift decline.

Baxter Springs Nevada

Baxter Springs Nevada Overview

Originally a stage stop known as Cedar Spring, Baxter Springs transformed dramatically with the discovery of gold in 1905. The town quickly expanded from a modest stop on the Wells Fargo line to a bustling tent camp as prospectors flocked to the area, lured by reports of rich gold veins. However, the shallow ore deposits led to the town’s rapid decline and eventual abandonment by the end of 1906.

Only a few visible remains of its existence in Nye County, Nevada

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Baxter Springs Nevada History

Baxter Springs’ history pivots around the gold discovery in 1905. The town, initially a stage stop, witnessed a sudden influx of miners and the establishment of various businesses. Despite promising early assays, the shallow nature of the gold veins led to the quick depletion of resources and the town’s abandonment.

The town began in May 1867 when it was known as a stage station on the Belmont-San Antonio stage road called Cedar Spring. Later it was renamed Baxter after a local resident Baxter.

The camp had a small population until gold was discovered west of the station in a gulch in the early part of 1906. The tent camp was then formed into a tent town that included a lodging house, two grocery stores, and mercantile stores.

Unfortunately, the ore veins were shallow and the camp town only lasted three months before the residents moved to other areas in search of gold.


Gold mining was the primary economic activity, with initial assays showing high values but shallow deposits.

Year Established/Founded

Stage stop established in May 1867; gold discovery in 1905 led to rapid growth.


  • May 1867: Established as Cedar Spring, a stage stop.
  • 1905: Gold discovered, leading to the renaming of the town as Baxter Springs.
  • January 1906: Town expands rapidly following gold discovery.
  • 1906: Peak population of 400; town declines and is abandoned by year’s end.

The Population of Baxter Springs Nevada

The camp housed about 200 residents and by February 1906 the camp had grown to 400 on to be abandoned by the end of 1906.

Today, Baxter Springs exists only in the scattered ruins and stone foundations near its mines, a silent reminder of the rapid rise and fall typical of Nevada’s mining towns. Its story reflects the transient nature of gold rushes and the fleeting dreams of those who chased after fortune.

Baxter Spring Nevada
The Goldfield News and Weekly Tribune • Goldfield, Nevada • 18 Jan 1908, Sat • Page 4

Transcription of the newspaper clipping


The miners who are doing the annual work on the property of the Baxter Springs Mining and Milling Company at Baxter Springs this week made a rich strike which has ceased great excitement and is likely to bring the practically abandoned camp to that front before many weeks pass by, says the Tonopah Miner. In running a trench a naif-inch stringer was encountered which showed assays running from $500 to *2,000 a ton. A hole was sunk on the edge and on Wednesday at a depth of 8 feet the rich stringer has widened to 14 inches, while the ledge shows 5 feet of rood milling ore. The high grade streak shows free gold in abundance, and will undoubtedly run from *150 to *200 to the ton. Samples of the ore which were wrought to the Miner office Thursday are about as attractive as any ever exhibited in Tonopah.

The property of the Baxter Springs Mining and Milling company embraces the original locations, known as the Parrott-Petroni group, in the camp of Baxter Springs, which is situated about eight miles this side of Manhattan. The discovery was made soon after the breaking out of the Manhattan excitement. and for a time It was thought that Baxter Springs would eclipse Manhattan; but the results of the location work were disappointing, and for the past two years the camp has been practically abandoned. K. U Parrott, president, and R. Petroni. a director of the Baxter Springs Mining and Milling company, who came down from the property Thursday, state that they now have six miners at work, and that they will begin sacking ore at once and make a test shipment before the close of the month. The new discovery created great excitement and after every shot a large crowd of spectators gathers around the shaft to learn the latest developments.

There are about 59 men employed in the Baxter Springs district on annual work at the present time, but as a result of the new strike, a number of companies are making preparations to resume development work at once.

Baxter Spring Nevada
Tonopah Bonanza • Butler, Nevada • 28 Apr 1906, Sat • Page 5

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Baxter Spring Nevada