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Bermond Station Nevada

Bermond Station Nevada

Bermond Station Nevada Overview

Bermond Station, located about 35 miles east of Fallon in Churchill County, Nevada, has had multiple names throughout its existence such as Bermond, Frenchmans, Frenchman Station, Frenchmans Station, and Frenchys.

The station was named after Aimé Joseph Bermond (1871 – 1926), who was also the town’s postmaster and immigrated to the United States from Montmaur, Hautes-Alpes, France in 1890 and submitted his naturalization papers in 1899.

The stage stop included a small hotel, restaurant, bar, stables, and gas pump for travelers who were going between Fallon, Fairview, and Wonder. In June 1920 Mr. Bermond was arrested on the charge of “unlawfully keeping and storing intoxicating liquor.” It was reported that the sheriff found a 52-gallon barrel of liquor in the process of fermenting and another about half full, a 10-gallon cask partly full of wine, a cask of home-brewed beer, and about 50 bottles of beer.

Water was brought in from Lucky Boy Springs, approximately 12 miles away and travelers were made aware by a sign of “If you don’t want to pay for this water, leave it alone.”

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Year Established/Founded


Post Office

November 24, 1920 – May 31, 1926, with Mr. Bermond as the postmaster.

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GPS Coordinates

39° 16′ 45.72″ N, 118° 16′ 12.47″ W

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Bermond Station Nevada