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Bisby’s Station Nevada

Bisby’s Station Nevada

Bisby’s Station Nevada Overview

Bisby’s Station was located on the Pony Express route in Churchill County, Nevada.

Also, possibly known as Bisby’s and Busby Station.

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Year Established/Founded


Bisby’s Station Nevada History

Our initial research didn’t find much on this station other than a small mention in a few books.

Named for the owner of the way station.

Bisbys, an early station, is shown on the 1868 cadastral survey. In addition to ‘Bisbys Station,’ the map located an ‘adobe shanty’ just to the south.

Margaret Wheat located Bisbys in 1941 and described the site as follows: There were two large adobe stables and a three-room adobe house. A fireplace heated the room just off the kitchen. There were probably other wood structures and many green broken bottles at the site. The stables were made of brick and extra horseshoes were found by a forge in one corner.

Historic Resource Study Pony Express National Historic Trail

Mabel Loving and Kate B. Carter list Bisby’s as a station between Old River and Nevada.  About July 1861 it, too, functioned as an Overland Mail Company stage and perhaps a Pony Express station on the “Stillwater Dogleg” route.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

Post Office


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Unknown at this time.

The Population of Bisby’s Station Nevada

Unknown at this time.




North side of Carson River, 1.4 miles east of Lahontan Dam

Bisby's Station Nevada

GPS Coordinates

39.4663043°, -119.0426606°

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Photos and Videos

Reno Gazette-Journal · Reno, Nevada · Tuesday, November 27, 1894

An Eastern Syndicate

An Eastern syndicate has an agent in Churchill county examining the right for a reservoir just above the old Bisby station on the Carson river, with a view of constructing a dam and catching the waste water that runs to the sink during the winter and early spring months. A few years ago Lem Allen had the Legislature pass a hill landing the county for sufficient money to build a reservoir and authorizing the commissioners to issue bonds for that purpose, .but- nothing was ever done with it and the opportunity is laying there still. Francis G. Newlands bought the site several years ago and told the people that any time they wanted it he would let them have it on payment to him of the original cost with six percent interest on his investment. Now the property will likely fall into the hands of a private corporation, who will charge for water all the “traffic will bring.”

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Bisby’s Station Nevada