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Breyfogle Nevada

Breyfogle, a name that resonates with the mystery and allure of Nevada’s mining history, refers to a ghost town in Nye County, closely associated with one of the state’s most enduring legends – the Lost Breyfogle Mine. This elusive town, born from a short-lived mining boom, is intertwined with tales of lost gold and ceaseless searches that capture the essence of the Old West’s mining era.

Breyfogle Overview

Founded in the 1860s following gold and silver discoveries, Breyfogle was named after the prospector William Breyfogle. The town experienced a brief flurry of activity, fueled by the promise of wealth. However, like many such towns, Breyfogle’s prosperity was fleeting, and it was largely deserted by the early 20th century. The legend of Charles Breyfogle and his lost gold mine, believed to be in the vicinity, adds a layer of intrigue to this ghost town’s story.

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Year Established/Founded

Discovered in 1864 and organized in 1878. I also found May 1906.

Breyfogle History

Breyfogle’s history is marked by the discovery of gold and silver and the subsequent mining activities. The town was one of many that sprang up during Nevada’s mining booms but failed to sustain its initial growth, leading to its decline and abandonment.

Named after the legendary lost Breyfogle mine, the town of Breyfogle emerged in 1906 following John Zabriskie’s gold discovery. It epitomizes the rapid rise and fall of many mining camps in the American West.


  • 1860s: Breyfogle is founded after silver and gold are discovered.
  • May 1906: John Zabriskie’s gold discovery leads to the establishment of Breyfogle.
  • Early 1900s: The town experiences a decline as mining activities wane.
  • Mid-20th Century: Breyfogle is largely abandoned, becoming a ghost town.
  • Early 1900s: The town experiences a quick decline due to limited gold findings.
  • Next two decades: Sporadic prospecting attempts, but no significant gold production.


Breyfogle was centered around the belief in the rediscovery of the lost Breyfogle mine, but it failed to produce any significant gold.


Unknown at this time.

Post Office

Unknown at this time.

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Unknown at this time.

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The Population of Breyfogle

A small group of prospectors and miners briefly inhabited the camp, drawn by the allure of gold.


Unknown at this time.


Breyfogle is nestled in a canyon within the vast landscape of Nye County, Nevada.

GPS Coordinates

Approximate coordinates based on the description: N 39.0624272, W 117.5331556 (South Shoshone Peak NV QUAD) or N 39.00754, W 117.46545 (Barrett Canyon QUAD)

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Photos and Videos

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Today, Breyfogle exists more as a legend than a physical location, its story enshrined in the lore of the Lost Breyfogle Mine and the countless prospectors who sought its riches. The ghost town serves as a testament to the transient booms of the mining era and the enduring allure of undiscovered wealth in the Nevada desert.

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