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Browns Nevada

Browns Nevada

Browns Overview

Browns was a mining district in Churchill County Nevada and Pershing County, Nevada.

Also known as Brown, Browns Mining District, Saint Anthony Mining District, St. Anthony, and Toy.

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Year Established/Founded


Browns Nevada History

From 1923 publication:

The Toy Mine was purchased by the St. Anthony Ms. Co., a subsidiary of the Atolia M. Co.. in 1908, and developed slowly up to 1915 when a mill was erected at Fanning to treat its ores. The mill was operated by the company in 1916 and 1917 and by lessees in 1918.

The Bonanza King Group 2 m. E. of the Toy Mine has been prospected.


  • 1907 – Discovery
  • 1908 – The Toy Mine was purchased by the St. Anthony


Tungsten and antimony.

From 1923 publication:

Geology. The country consists of shales and quartzites in which is a thin-bedded limestone, according to Hess and Larsen. These sedimentary rocks, which are perhaps of Jurassic age, have been intruded by granodiorite, which has altered the limestone and produced the ore. The ore consists of garnet, diopside, quartz, hornblende, clinozoisite, scheelite, calcite, pyrite, chloropal, and iron oxide formed from the oxidation of pyrite. The scheelite is in fine particles and is rarely visible to the naked eye.

Post Office

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Unknown at this time.

The Population of Browns Nevada

Unknown at this time.



How to Get to Browns Nevada

From 1923 publication:

The Toy District is located in N. W. Churchill Co. on the Pershing Co. border. The Toy Mine is 2 m. S. W. of Toy section house, formerly known as Browns, which is on the S. P. R. R. and the Toy Mill is at Fanning siding a short distance S. of Toy on the same railroad.

GPS Coordinates

39° 59′ 58.68″ N, 118° 42′ 33.55″ W

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