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Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex

Nestled in the heart of Tonopah’s historic district, the Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex stands as a testament to the early architectural styles of the region. Built in 1905, this adobe structure not only reflects the unique building materials and techniques of the era but also showcases the diverse residential patterns of one of Tonopah’s oldest neighborhoods.

Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex

Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex Overview

The Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex, with its distinctive adobe construction and stylistic elements, is an exemplar of early 20th-century housing in Tonopah, Nevada. Its well-preserved state offers a glimpse into the architectural trends and residential life during the town’s early years.

National Register Number


Year Established/Founded


Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex History

Constructed in 1905, the Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex is notable for its integration of local building materials and popular stylistic influences of the time. Its design, featuring scored plaster simulating stone construction and intricate carpentry detailing, represents the architectural diversity in early Tonopah.


  • 1905: Construction of the Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex.
  • May 20, 1982: The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Tonopah, Nye County

GPS Coordinates

38.06845°N, 117.23247°W

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The duplex is located at 129 Central Street in Tonopah, Nevada, within one of the town’s first residential districts. This area is characterized by dense lot development and a variety of housing types and designs.

Today, the Cal Shaw Adobe Duplex stands as one of the best-preserved adobe residences in Tonopah. Its historical significance and architectural integrity make it a valuable piece of the town’s heritage, offering insights into the living conditions and building practices of the early 1900s in Nevada.

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