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Carp Nevada

Carp Nevada

Carp Nevada Overview

Located within the Meadow Valley Wash about 25 miles south of Caliente, Carp Nevada is an extinct ghost town in Lincoln County, Nevada.

Very little evidence of its existence remains of Carp except a railroad siding that is may be occupied by idling trains and the remains of the watering reservoir.

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Year Established/Founded

June 29, 1918

Carp Nevada History

Its history is tied in with the Union Pacific Railroad as it was named after a railroad agent and Carp was originally a small railroad station for the Union Pacific Railroad.

Post Office

The post office started under the name of “Carpsdale” on June 29, 1918 but the name was rescinded.

Then, it officially opened under the name of “Cliffdale” on June 7, 1921 and the town’s name was changed to Carp on December 1, 1925 by Tom Casey, the local postmaster.

The post office at Carp continued to serve the local rural ranches until July 1, 1974, when it closed permanently.

Population of Carp Nevada

In 1930 the population was 119 and in 1941 the population was 66.



GPS Coordinates

37°06′43″N 114°29′34″W

References Used

Carp Nevada