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Carvers Nevada

Nestled in the rugged terrain of Nye County, Nevada, lies a tapestry of historical towns that whisper tales of the Old West. Among these, Carvers, Nevada, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Western settlement and innovation. As a window into the soul of the Southwest’s ghost towns, Carvers invites the curious to step back in time and explore the remnants of a once-bustling past.

Carvers Nevada Overview

Founded in 1939 by Gerald and Jean Carver, Carvers is an unincorporated town in northern Nye County, known for its historical ties to the Round Mountain mine and its role as a convenient rest stop for travelers. It’s a town characterized by its modesty and practicality, serving as both a community for mine workers and a haven for weary drivers traversing the expansive Big Smoky Valley.

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Year Established/Founded

The community of Carvers was founded in the year 1939 when Gerald Carver and his wife Jean Carver purchased land in Smoky Valley, Nevada

Carvers Nevada History

Carvers originated from a 300-acre ranch purchased by its founders, Gerald and Jean Carver, in 1939. It evolved from a ranch to a roadside rest, especially after 1947 when Route 8A cut across their property, prompting the opening of the Rainbow Ranch Bar and Cafe, which later became Carvers Station.


  • 1939: Gerald and Jean Carver arrive in Big Smoky Valley and purchase a 300-acre ranch.
  • 1947: Work begins on Route 8A (now Nevada Route 376), crossing a part of the Carvers’ property.
  • April 1948: Opening of the Rainbow Ranch Bar and Cafe.
  • Post-1948: The cafe is renamed Carvers Station and becomes a local hub.


As part of the Round Mountain mining district, Carvers has been closely associated with the mining industry, serving as a residential place for those employed at the Round Mountain mine.


While Carvers itself was not a railroad town, the development of transportation routes like Nevada Route 376 was pivotal in its growth.

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Post Office

Unknown at this time.

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Unknown at this time.

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The Population of Carvers Nevada

Carvers maintains a small population, primarily those connected to the nearby mining operations. As of 2012, the population was approximately 180.


The community sits at an elevation of 5,643 feet, offering a commanding view of the Big Smoky Valley.


Northern Nye County, Nevada, approximately 60 miles south of Austin.

GPS Coordinates

For those looking to visit or explore, Carvers can be pinpointed by its GPS coordinates at 38.7139° N, 117.1835° W.

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In a state famed for its ghost towns and historical landmarks, Carvers, Nevada stands out as a living community with a story rooted in the pursuit of opportunity. A visit to Carvers is not just a journey through a scenic valley; it’s an exploration of Nevada’s industrious heart, a slice of history still pulsating with life. It’s a reminder of how, even in the most remote corners of the Southwest, the dreams of the past have paved the way for the realities of the present. Whether you’re passing through the Big Smoky Valley, or making a dedicated trip to unearth Nevada’s hidden gems, Carvers offers a quiet, yet poignant piece of the state’s rich mosaic of history.