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Caselton Nevada

Caselton Nevada

Caselton Nevada Overview

Caselton is a ghost town located in Lincoln County, Nevada that was founded in the 1920s and was run by the Combined Metals Reduction Company.

Due to the area being on private land, we do not have photos or other information to share at this time. While we create exploring guides to help you know as much as you can before visiting an area, this article is more to help you to know to stay away from the area rather than encourage you to visit it.

There is a small town nearby, called Caselton Heights that we cannot find the population of at this time.

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Caselton Nevada

Mill for Pioche The National Lead company association continued to implement development of the Pioche ore bodies—the Caselton shaft was named for James A Caselton while he still lived the Caselton mill after his death—and in 1940 it was decided to build the Caselton mill at Pioche principally to treat Pioche ores including the ore of so low grade as to preclude its shipment to the Bauer plant of the Combined Metals Reduction company formed in 1923 of which Snyder was made general manager. The original plans included the possible building of an electrolytic zinc refinery near Hoover dam power—always a possibility All during the years leading to the building of the Caselton mill attention was given to the treatment of oxidized ores particularly the troublesome zinc oxide ores the solution of which is credited to Ed Snyder and his metallurgical staff This is a great advance in zinc metallurgy and means much for the future of the zinc industry of the United States Late in 1943 Snyder brought about a friendly and financially sound separation from the National Lead company involving powerful financial backing and centralized management of operations with Snyder as president and general manager of the reorganized Combined Metals Reduction company. The recent annual report of the company revealed the strong- financial position – of the company The new directors promptly approved doubling the capacity of the Caselton mill—added capacity which is now treating ore The Salt Lake Tribune [Salt Lake City, Utah • 21 May 1944, Sun • Page 25]


Caselton Nevada History

Mining started in the early 1900s and the small town of Caselton was founded and ran until the ore was deleted. Remnants of the old mining town still exist.


  • 1910s – Mining started.
  • 1920s – The town was founded in the late 1920s.
  • 1940 – Construction on the 500-ton flotation mill began and was completed the following year.
  • 1943 – The capacity of the flotation mill was increased to 1,000 tons.
  • 1957 – The Caselton mill operated successfully until ore was depleted.
  • 1964 – The mill was reopened to process ore from the Pan American Mine, which operated intermittently until 1978.
  • 1984 – The railroad line was removed.

Managed By

Private Land.

GPS Coordinates

37.919  -114.485




The area is heavily marked with Do Not Enter, Keep Out, Stay Out, and other warning signs.

Caselton Nevada Mine

Nearing completion near Pioche, Nev., is the Combined Metals Reduction company’s big lead-zine mill. This recent photo shows the crushing plant (b) with a capacity of 120 tons of ore an hour, and the selective flotation plant (c) to have a capacity at the start of 500 tons of ore every 24 hours. Ore from the Combined Metals Reduction mine will come out of the Caselton shaft (a). The Prince mine will be reopened to supply ore to the plant. [The Salt Lake Tribune • Salt Lake City, Utah • 06 Apr 1941, Sun • Page 35]

Caselton Nevada Weather

Below are the average high and low temperatures and the average days of rainfall for each month.

  • January – 44° / 22° – 4 days
  • February – 47° / 24° – 4 days
  • March – 53° / 29° – 4 days
  • April – 60° / 35° – 3 days
  • May – 69° / 44° – 3 days
  • June – 80° / 53° – 1 day
  • July – 87° / 60° – 3 days
  • August – 85° / 58° – 4 days
  • September – 77° / 51° – 2 days
  • October – 66° / 40° – 3 days
  • November – 52° / 29° – 2 days
  • December – 44° / 22° – 3 days

Best Time of Year to Caselton Nevada

Compared to Southern Nevada, the summers are cooler yet still warm. You can see from the chart above, spring and fall are perfect for the highs and lows of each day. But, since the weather isn’t extreme, you will be able to enjoy Caselton throughout the year.

Caselton Nevada

The joint venture undertaking has sparked a revival of the oil mining camp at Pioche, where mining began actively in 1869 and where output exceed all other districts In the west, except the Comstock lode. Every house in Caselton Is occupied, for the first time in many years. Under present conditions, ore taken from the mine clears approximately $1.50 to the ton for the joint venture. Mining costs about $1.50 a ton, milling a bit more than $2 a ton, trucking costs figure .60 a ton [Reno Gazette-Journal • Reno, Nevada • 20 Apr 1966, Wed • Page 39]

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Caselton Nevada