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Caves in Arizona

Caves in Arizona

Arizona is home to 1,000s of caves, with a lot of them located in the Grand Canyon, but only a few are accessible.

Below are the caves in Arizona that we know about and hope to explore in the future.

Did we miss your favorite? If so, comment below to share!

caves in arizona

Caves in Apache County, Arizona

Broken Flute Cave

Fir Tree Alcove

Harris Cave

Massacre Cave

Millers Cave

Mummy Cave

Obelisk Cave

Pocket Cave

Ram’s Horn Cave

Caves in Cochise County, Arizona

Coronado Cave

Carr Peak Cave

Coronado Cave

Crystal Cave

Four Mile Cave

James Mine Cave

Kartchner Caverns

Pyeatt Cave

Tom Ketchum Cave

Caves in Coconino County, Arizona

Basalt Cave

Buffalo Crack

Cave of the Domes

Cheyava Falls Cave

Dangling Flake Fissure

Earth Crack

Earth Crack No. 2

Earth Crack No. 3

Falls Cave

Grand Canyon Caverns

Grandad Cave

Horseshoe Mesa Caves

Ice Cave

Kana-a Cave

Lava River Cave

Malmquist Fissure

Redwall Cavern

Roaring Springs Cave

Shadow Cave

Slate Lakes Cave

Stanton’s Cave

Tapeats Cave

Thunder Cave

Wildcat Cave

Winona Ice Cave

Caves in Gila county, Arizona

41-Club Cave

Barnes Tunnel

Columbine Cave

Dog-Leg Cave

Redman Cave

Scout Cave

Caves in Graham County, Arizona

Arsenic Cave

Branaman Cave

Carpenters Cave

Pine Flat Cave

Toppys Cave

Tule Tubs Cave

Caves in Greenlee County, Arizona

Bat Cave

Black Jack Cave

Cosper Cave

Crystal Cave

Jail Cave

Caves in Maricopa County, Arizona

Browns Cave

Skeleton Cave 

Caves in Mohave County, Arizona

Antelope Cave

The cave is closed and barred and not open to the public. 

Bat Cave

Bed Blanket Cave

Muav Caves

Rampart Cave

Caves in Navajo County, Arizona

Betatakin Cave

Geronimo Cave

House of Hands

Caves in Pima County, Arizona

Colossal Cave

Deadman Cave

Montezuma Cave

San Xavier Mine Cave

Silverbell Cave

Ventana Cave

Villa Senor Cave

Caves in Pinal County, Arizona

Crystal Cave

Grantham Cave

Jackass Cave

Peppersauce Cave

Scroll Cave

Superior High School Cave

Umbrella Cave

Caves in Santa Cruz County, Arizona

Agua Caliente Caves

Cave of the Bells

Onyx Cave

Papago Springs Cave

Silver Cave

Caves in Yavapai County, Arizona

Allen Springs Cave

Black Cave

Cathedral Caves

Indian Cave

Montezuma Well Cave

Swallet Cave

Caves in Arizona