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Christmas Tree Pass

Christmas Tree Pass

Christmas Tree Pass


Christmas Tree Pass Overview

(UPDATE for 2021 – not verified but I heard from multiple friends that this area has been cleared of decorations.)

If you are traveling to Laughlin from Boulder City or Las Vegas, then this little scenic drive may be for you!

Located in southern Nevada in Clark County, Christmas Tree Pass leads over the Newberry Mountains on a road that begins just outside the town of Laughlin off of NV Highway 163, and ends to the south of the tiny town of Searchlight, NV, on US Highway 93.

Use this road to get to the Grapevine Canyon to hike, picnic, and view petroglyphs.


Christmas Tree Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 3,969′ above sea level.


Christmas Tree Pass (NPS Road 20) is a 16-mile stretch of road with Juniper trees that have been decorated with Christmas-themed decorations. Popular during the holidays, it’s a fun drive to do on your way to hike and explore Grapevine Canyon. 

How to Get to Christmas Tree Pass

Southbound from Las Vegas: Drive south on Highway 95 to Searchlight. From the intersection of Highway 95 and Nipton Road (Highway 164) in downtown Searchlight, continue south 14.0 miles to Christmas Tree Pass Road, on the left. Watch for a road intersection sign and a left-turn lane.

Northbound: Continue south 5.4 more miles on Highway 95 to Highway 163. Turn left towards Laughlin and drive east 13.0 miles to Christmas Tree Pass Road, on the left (1.5 hours from Las Vegas). Watch for a road intersection sign, but be careful because there is no left-turn lane (the center lane is very narrow). 

Road Conditions

Depending on the current road conditions, a high clearance vehicle may be helpful in spots that are steep and rough, particularly right below the pass on the eastern side. 


While this an easy to drive on a mostly graded gravel road, a good rain storm will make a new washout that wasn’t there before.

Also, there are a few “blind curves” so be on alert as some people will fly around the corners super fast and take up the entire road.

Christmas Tree Pass