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Clarkdale Nevada

Clarkdale, Nevada, a fleeting but noteworthy chapter in the state’s mining history, emerged in the early 1930s under the pioneering spirit of Tom Clark. This town, though short-lived, encapsulates the rise and fall typical of many mining communities in the region.

Clarkdale Nevada

Clarkdale Nevada Overview

Founded in January 1932 by Tom Clark, Clarkdale was a mining district in Nye County, Nevada and was a product of Nevada’s enduring mining boom, specifically for gold. The town saw a brief period of growth and activity, with structures relocated from Beatty and Tonopah, before it succumbed to the common fate of mining towns, fading away by 1937.

It was also referred to as Tolicha and Yellowgold.

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Year Established/Founded

January 1932: Clarkdale was established by Tom Clark following his discovery of gold at the site.

Clarkdale Nevada History

Clarkdale’s history is rooted in Tom Clark’s gold discovery, leading to a burst of development and the town’s establishment in the early 1930s. Its existence, part of the Bullfrog Mining District, mirrored the boom-and-bust cycle prevalent in mining towns of the era.


  • January 1932: Clarkdale was founded by Tom Clark.
  • 1932: The townsite was platted, homes moved from Beatty and Tonopah, and mining operations began.
  • 1933 – A $1,000 shipment made
  • 1935: The decline of mining activities started.
  • 1936 and 1938 – The mine produced 238 tons of ore yielding 45 ounces of gold and 32 ounces of silver
  • 1937: Clarkdale faded into history and eventually became part of the Nellis Air Force Bombing and Gunnery Range.


Gold mining was the primary activity in Clarkdale, initiated by Tom Clark’s discovery.

Gold and silver.

  1. Clarkdale Camp (gold and silver) – Gold was discovered about 1933 and the property was worked into the late 1930s. There was intermittent exploratory work done in the area after World War II.
  2. Landmark-Life Preserver Group (gold and silver) – Gold was discovered on the Life Preserver claims in 1917, and it was explored in 1920. The Landmark claims were actively worked in the 1930s.
  3. Quartz Mountain (gold) – Gold was discovered in 1905; more recent work was done in the 1930s.
  4. Yellow Gold [Carr’s Mine] (gold) – Discovery was made during the 1930s and there was intermittent activity after World War II.


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office


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The Population of Clarkdale Nevada

Unknown at this time.




Clarkdale was located in Nye County, Nevada, within the Bullfrog Mining District.

From an NBMD document: Twenty-two miles north of Beatty then six miles NE of highway 395 via Tolica Wash. Access restricted by the Air Force.

GPS Coordinates

37° 16′ 9.76″ N, 116° 54′ 55.25″ W

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Photos and Videos

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Clarkdale Nevada