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Clemens Nevada

Clemens Nevada

Clemens Nevada Overview

Clemens was located in Churchill County, Nevada.

Named for Ernest V. Clemens of New York City who owned extensive copper mines in the White Cloud District.

The town could also have been known as Rockwell Station, Rock Spring Station, and Clements.

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Year Established/Founded



Researching the history of Clemens and Clements has been tedious since Clemens is found a lot in newspaper articles during the same time period as Orion Clemens and his brother Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain).

Reno Gazette-Journal · Reno, Nevada · Wednesday, November 16, 1892


From the “New Era” of November 10th

American Canyon, Spring Valley and Indian Creek, a gold bearing region twenty miles from Lovelock, is liable to attract considerable attention during the coming spring from mining men.

James Woolsencroft, an expert machinist who is highly recommended, is here on his way to Clemens to put in position the new machinery for the White Cloud Copper Company.

A. Wise of Winnemucca is working his sulphur mine and refinery on the edge of Black Rock “Desert, thirty miles out of Humboldt. He reports the demand for refined sulphur clack. Over 4,000 sacks of sulphur, or 200 tons, are at Humbolt House ready for shipment.

Bismuth is found near Lovelock.

A carload of red brick and coke arrived for the White Cloud Company recently.

Marble of the purest quality within seven miles of Lovelock, and in inexhaustible quantities! Will we live in marble palaces when the town booms

The Silver State · Winnemucca, Nevada · Friday, November 18, 1892

James Woolsencroft, an expert machinist, who is highly recommended, is here on his way to Clemens to put in position the new machinery for the White Cloud copper company.

Reno Gazette-Journal · Reno, Nevada · 18 Nov 1892, Fri • Page 3

At Clemens carpenters are at work on the smelter building, while the machinist is placing in position the furnace machinery. The mason work has been about completed.

We found two references to a Rock Spring Station, one in 1908 and another a decade later in 1918. We could not find any references for Rockwell Station (but that doesn’t mean we will stop looking!).

The Churchill County Standard · Fallon, Nevada · Thursday, December 31, 1908

Two Ribs Broken.

J. J. Fitzgerald, who has charge of the Rock Springs station between here and Rawhide was thrown off a horse and had two ribs broken. He arrived in Fallon Monday and Dr. A. H. Heppner dressed the injury and Mr. Fitzgerald returned to his place of business Tuesday.

Tonopah Daily Bonanza · Tonopah, Nevada · Monday, July 08, 1918


Frank Sisson, who edited the Wads worth dispatch a number of years ago, but is now engaged in leasing at Rawhide, spent a few days in town this week. He says the recent storm washed out and damaged the road between the summit just tills side of Rawhide to the mouth of the canyon near old Rock Springs station. There are large boulders in the road, making It difficult for a machine to get past. He says a couple of men could put the road in pretty fair condition in a few weeks. This is the route taken by most autos. going from this part of Nevada to Tonopah. ‘Most of the Rawhide freight. Mr. Sissons says, goes out from Failon to Rawhide – Churchill Standard.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

Post Office

October 29, 1892 – June 26, 1895

Benjamin F. Thornton was appointed the postmaster on October 29, 1892.

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The Central Nevadan · Battle Mountain, Nevada · Thursday, November 17, 1892

A Postoffice has been established in White Cloud Mining District, Humboldt County, and the office has been named Clemens by the Department.

The Silver State · Winnemucca, Nevada · Friday, December 02, 1892

A postoffice, which has been named Clemens, has been established at White Cloud, with Mr. Thornton postmaster

The Silver State · Winnemucca, Nevada · Monday, June 19, 1893

Clemens Postoffice.

One of the last acts in the official life of Postmaster-General Wanamaker was the establishment in the White Cloud mining district of Nevada of a new postoffice named Clemens. Nearly every old resident of Nevada surmised that the new postoffice was named after Mark Twain, but the honor, however, was intended for Ernest V. Clemens of New York city. Mr. Clemens and his father, Colonel V. G. Clemmens, are at present guests at the Baldwin hotel. They are wealthy mining men and have extensive copper mines in the White Cloud district of Nevada. They are inaugurating extensive improvements in their mines, and come to San Francisco to consult with mining engineers and others.—S. F. Call


Unknown at this time.

The Population of Clemens Nevada

Unknown at this time.



GPS Coordinates

39° 58′ 18.69″ N, 118° 13′ 3.50″ W

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Clemens Nevada