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Cloverdale Nevada

Nestled in the historic fabric of Nevada, Cloverdale stands as a testament to the bustling activity and ambitious developments of the late 19th century. Originating as a stage station in the late 1860s, it evolved into a pivotal hub on the wagon road between Belmont and points west, witnessing a plethora of events from ambitious railroad plans to tales of survival and prosperity. Cloverdale’s journey from a stage station to a ranch encapsulates a rich tapestry of history, highlighting its significance in the development of Nevada’s transportation and settlement patterns.

Cloverdale Nevada

Cloverdale Nevada Overview

Located in Nye County, Nevada, Cloverdale evolved from a stage station along the Belmont wagon road to a vibrant ranching community. Despite plans for a narrow-gauge railroad that never came to fruition, Cloverdale played a crucial role in connecting Belmont and Westgate and supporting local industries, particularly cattle ranching. Today, the ranch remains operational, preserving the essence of this historic site.

Throughout its history, it has been a focal point of transportation and communication, evident from its connection to Wells, Fargo, & Co.’s stage line and plans for a narrow-gauge railroad that never materialized. The region not only served as a crucial link between Belmont and Westgate but also witnessed diverse events, from the establishment of a post office to the challenges of maintaining transportation routes and responding to the needs of the local cattle industry. Despite its remote location and diminishing traffic in modern times, Cloverdale’s legacy endures, marked by its resilient ranch operations and the echoes of its bustling past.

Also known as Golden, East Golden, West Golden, Eclipse, Black Springs, and Republic.

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Year Established/Founded

860s: Cloverdale was established as a stage station on the Belmont wagon road.

Cloverdale Nevada History

Founded in the 1860s, Cloverdale started as a stage line station, eventually growing into the prosperous Cloverdale Ranch. The ranch provided essential services to travelers and became a notable fixture in the region.

This one is a bit hard to research since there are several Cloverdales so we have a bit to dig through to find the right ones.

Gold Hill Daily News • Gold Hill, Nevada • 28 May 1867, Tue • Page 2


  • 1860s: Establishment as a stage station.
  • 1880: Construction of a new station to accommodate growing traveler numbers.
  • 1880s: Plans for a narrow-gauge railroad proposed but never realized.
  • 1886: Brief operation of a post office.
  • 1952: Notable incident involving a robbery at the ranch.


Gold, silver, lead, copper, and fluorspar.


Plans for a narrow-gauge railroad were proposed but never materialized.

Unknown at this time.

Post Office

Operated from January 26, 1886, to July 24, 1886 (briefly rescinded), and from September 1888 to October 13, 1899.

Postmasters appointments (these appointments don’t match the dates we have for the post office being open):

  • Mary J Bell – 25 Jan 1886
  • T J Bell – 21 Sep 1888
  • Mary J Bell – 18 Jan 1899
  • Mary P Bell – 18 Jan 1889
  • Fredrick G Troy – 3 Jan 1896 

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Unknown at this time.

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The Population of Cloverdale Nevada

Unknown at this time.




From Tingley:

The Cloverdale district includes portions of the Toiyabe and Shoshone Ranges and extends from Cottonwood Creek on the east to Golden Wash, north of Cloverdale Ranch, on the west and extends south to include the Green Lizard area in the outlying hills south of the mouth of Cottonwood Creek. The district includes Secret Basin and the old camps of East Golden and West Golden. The district formerly included the Black Spring[s] and Republic areas, both to the west of Cloverdale and the Peavine Canyon area, east of Cloverdale. Both Black Spring and Republic are now considered to be separate districts and Peavine is included in the Jett district. The 1880 map shows an Eclipse district in the southern Toiyabe Range that included the present Cloverdale and Jett districts.

GPS Coordinates

38° 33′ 55.74″ N, 117° 32′ 57.36″ W

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Photos and Videos

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Cloverdale’s story, from a humble stage station to a thriving ranch, encapsulates the transformative journey of many settlements in the American West. While the dreams of railroads remained unfulfilled, the enduring ranch operations continue to celebrate Cloverdale’s historic significance in the heart of Nye County, Nevada.

References Used

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Cloverdale Nevada