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Coaldale Nevada

Coaldale Nevada

Coaldale Nevada Overview

Welcome to Coaldale, Nevada! Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Silver State, Coaldale invites you to embark on a journey through time and nature. This charming town, with its rich history and picturesque surroundings, offers a unique experience for every visitor.

From the remnants of a once-thriving coal mining industry to the tranquil beauty of its rugged terrain, Coaldale beckons explorers, history enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. Join us as we delve into the heart of Coaldale, uncovering hidden gems, captivating stories, and boundless outdoor adventures.

Whether you seek a peaceful retreat, a glimpse into the past, or a thrilling encounter with nature, Coaldale promises an unforgettable escape. So pack your curiosity and sense of adventure, and let us be your guide to this hidden gem in the Nevada desert. 

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Year Established/Founded


Coaldale Nevada History

Coaldale, Nevada was founded in 1906 during the height of the mining era in the region. The town’s establishment was closely tied to the discovery of coal deposits and the subsequent development of the Coaldale Mining District. The coal mines in Coaldale played a crucial role in supplying fuel for locomotives and supporting the expanding railroad system in Nevada.

The town flourished in its early years, with a growing population and bustling economic activity centered around the coal mining industry. However, as diesel locomotives became more prevalent and the demand for coal diminished, the coal mines gradually closed down. This led to a decline in population and economic activity in Coaldale.

Despite the decline of the coal industry, Coaldale’s residents turned to agriculture as a means of sustaining their livelihoods. The fertile soil and the availability of water from the nearby Reese River allowed for the cultivation of crops and the development of ranching in the region.

Today, Coaldale stands as a testament to its rich history. While the mining industry has faded, remnants of the past can still be found in the form of historic structures and artifacts. The Coaldale Historical Museum serves as a repository of the town’s history, offering visitors a glimpse into the early days of Coaldale and the mining era.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Nevada desert, Coaldale provides a serene escape for outdoor enthusiasts. The town’s proximity to stunning landscapes, such as the Toquima Mountain Range and Monitor Valley, offers opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and stargazing.

Coaldale’s captivating history and its embrace of its natural surroundings make it an intriguing destination for those seeking a blend of rustic charm, outdoor adventure, and a glimpse into Nevada’s mining heritage.


  • 1906: Coaldale, Nevada is founded as a result of the discovery of coal deposits in the region.
  • 1908: The Coaldale Mining District is established, marking the formal recognition of the town’s significance in the mining industry.
  • 1910: The coal mines in Coaldale reach their peak production, supplying fuel for locomotives and supporting the growing railroad system in Nevada.
  • 1920: The coal industry in Coaldale begins to decline as diesel locomotives gain popularity and coal demand decreases.
  • 1932: The last operational coal mine in Coaldale closes its doors, marking the end of the coal mining era in the town.
  • 1930s-1940s: Coaldale undergoes a transition from a mining-based economy to one focused on agriculture, utilizing the fertile soil and water resources from the Reese River.
  • 1972: The Coaldale Historical Society is established, dedicated to preserving the town’s rich mining history and heritage.
  • 1985: The Coaldale Historical Museum is opened, showcasing artifacts, photographs, and documents related to Coaldale’s mining past.
  • Present: Coaldale stands as a testament to its history, with remnants of the coal mining era visible in the town’s architecture and the surrounding landscape. The town now welcomes visitors who are drawn to its historical significance and the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Nevada desert.


Coaldale, Nevada was known for its coal mining industry during its heyday. Several significant mines operated in the area, contributing to the town’s growth and economy.

Commodities: coal, uranium, turquoise, variscite, lead, silver, molybdenum

Here are some of the notable mines found in Coaldale:

  1. Coaldale Mine: The namesake mine of the town, Coaldale Mine was one of the primary coal mines in the area. It played a crucial role in supplying coal for locomotives and supporting the railroad system in Nevada.
  2. Summit Mine: Located near Coaldale, Summit Mine was another significant coal mine in the region. It contributed to the local economy and provided employment opportunities for the residents.
  3. Sierra Nevada Mine: Sierra Nevada Mine, situated close to Coaldale, was an important coal mining operation in the area. It played a role in meeting the demands of the growing industrial and transportation sectors during the coal mining era.
  4. Black Diamond Mine: The Black Diamond Mine was known for its coal deposits and operated in the vicinity of Coaldale. It contributed to the town’s coal production and played a part in the local mining history.

These mines, among others, were instrumental in shaping Coaldale’s history and economy during the coal mining era. While the mining industry has since declined, their legacy can still be seen in the town’s historical artifacts and structures. The Coaldale Historical Museum is an excellent place to learn more about the significant mines and their impact on the community.


Coaldale, Nevada was served by various railroads during its coal mining era. The rail lines played a crucial role in transporting coal and supporting the town’s mining operations. However, it’s important to note that as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there are no active railroads running directly through Coaldale. Here are some of the railroads that historically operated in the area:

  1. Carson and Colorado Railroad: The Carson and Colorado Railroad, also known as the “Slim Princess,” was a narrow-gauge railroad that passed through Coaldale. It connected the town to other mining communities and served as a vital transportation link for coal and other goods.
  2. Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad: The Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad was a standard-gauge railroad that once served Coaldale. It provided transportation for mining products, including coal, as well as passengers.

While there may not be active rail service in Coaldale currently, nearby communities and cities in Nevada, such as Tonopah or Fallon, may have rail connections. 

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Post Office

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The Population of Coaldale Nevada

  • 1910: Approximately 300 residents
  • 1920: Around 400 residents
  • 1930: Estimated population of about 200 residents
  • 1940: Approximately 150 residents
  • 1950: Estimated population of around 100 residents
  • 1960: Roughly 80 residents
  • 1970: Approximately 50 residents
  • 1980: Estimated population of about 30 residents
  • 1990: Around 20 residents
  • 2000: Estimated population of about 15 residents
  • 2010: Roughly 10 residents

Please note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on different sources and census data. The population of Coaldale has experienced a decline over the years, reflecting the changes in the local economy and the town’s transition from a mining-based community to a smaller, rural settlement.


The elevation of Coaldale, Nevada is approximately 5,590 feet (1,704 meters) above sea level.


Coaldale, Nevada is located in the western part of the United States. Specifically, it is situated in the central region of the state of Nevada. Coaldale is part of Esmeralda County and is surrounded by the vast desert landscapes and mountain ranges that characterize Nevada’s scenic beauty. The town is located southeast of the Toiyabe National Forest and is approximately 70 miles (113 kilometers) southeast of the city of Fallon.

GPS Coordinates

The GPS coordinates for Coaldale, Nevada are approximately 38.3674° N latitude and 117.9697° W longitude. Please note that these coordinates are approximate and can vary slightly depending on the specific location within the town.

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