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Copper Kettle Nevada

Copper Kettle Nevada

Copper Kettle Nevada Overview

Copper Kettle was a mining district in Churchill County, Nevada that was also known as C. K Copper Kettle and Silver Hill.

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Year Established/Founded


Copper Kettle Nevada History

From an unknown dated document:

The district was discovered 15 years ago. Welsh and Green own a large group of claims from which several carloads of copper ore were shipped 6 years ago.

From an NBMG mining report:

The outcrops in Copper Kettle Canyon were discovered in 1908. Several carloads of high grade copper ore were hand sorted and shipped from shallow working in 1917. The early claims were abandoned, and in 1941 Mr. E. J. Bottomley, of Lovelock, covered the eastern portion of the mineralized area with lode claims. He also located a small magnetic or body 1,000 feet south of this claim group.


  • 1907 – Copper was discovered 
  • July 26, 1907 – “COPPER KETTLE” IS NAME OF NEW DISTRICT – Miners of Grimes Canyon Organize Under Above Title. – Name Limits of District and Elect Robt. Welsh Jr. as District Recorder. – The reports from what was known as Grimes Canyon, now named “Copper Kettle,” continue to be most flattering. At a meeting held recently a new district was organized and given the above name. Robt. Welsh Jr, was elected district recorder. The boundaries of the district were designated to be four miles north and six south of the Soda Springs and to cover a width of eight miles. Much location work is being done and new strikes are reported daily. J. J. Rike, while prospecting in the hills the other day picked up a piece of float carrying large specimens of free gold but has not yet been able to find the lodge from which it came. Assays from different locations show high values in copper, with some gold and silver.
  • August 30, 1907 – At Grimes Canyon – “Copper Kettle,” the name under which the above canyon is organized is reported to be very lively. Eighty to one hundred mining men are now in the camp and the development on locations is pretty well completed. Bunch and MacIntyre have been offered $50,000 for their Claims, but have declined the offer, holding their ground for a higher figure. Two Reno parties, with automobiles have been going to and from the Canyon for the past three weeks and are trying to get hold of likely prospects from various holders. Messrs. Erickson and Weiler returned last Friday from the Canyon where they secured claims that show twenty percent ore. They got two claims and a fraction, showing how closely the ground is taken up. [Lovelock Tribune – Friday, August 7, 1907 – Page 1]
  • February 21, 1908 – Copper Kettle Property Sold – English Syndicate Takes Over Group of Claims – District Located About Thirty-Five Miles Southeast of Lovelock —- Strong Ledges and Immense Deposits of Copper Ore Exposed – That the Copper Kettle section about 35 miles southeast of Lovelock is soon to undergo a thorough course of development and the big ledges in that vicinity extensively prospected seems now a foregone conclusion. [Lovelock Tribune – Friday, February 21, 1908 – Page 1]


Copper and iron

Post Office


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The Population of Copper Kettle Nevada

Unknown at this time.




  • From Tingley: District includes the area of Grimes and Copper Kettle canyons and extends to the canyons west of Anderson Ranch along the west flank of the northwestern Stillwater Range. The area is within the large Silver Hill district of DeGroot (1863). The iron occurrence is northwest of Copper Kettle Canyon, and is sometimes considered to be included in the Mineral Basin district which lies to the north in Pershing County.
  • From Lincoln: The Copper Kettle District is situated in Copper Kettle or Grimes Canyon on the W. slope of the Stillwater Range in N. Churchill Co. It adjoins the White Cloud District on the N.
  • USGS: in Copper Kettle Canyon on W slope of Stillwater Range, N of White Cloud district [Note – the USGS lists the name as Cooper, not Copper]
  • From an NBMG mining report: The district is in Copper Kettle Canyon or Grimes Canyon and vicinity in the west slope of the Stillwater Range. It adjoins White Cloud District on the north. It was discovered about 1908. It contains several prospects, some of which are promising for copper and others for iron.

Copper Kettle Nevada

GPS Coordinates

39° 54′ 59.69″ N, 118° 10′ 3.49″ W

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References Used

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Copper Kettle Nevada