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Currant Nevada

Tucked away in the shadow of the greater-known Nevada hotspots, Currant stands as a testament to the enduring heartbeat of the Silver State’s less trodden paths. Founded during the pioneering days of the West, this unincorporated community harbors a history rich with the ebb and flow of mining booms, agricultural ventures, and the quiet perseverance of its residents.

Currant Nevada

Currant Nevada Overview

Nestled within eastern Nye County, Currant is a community where the whispers of history are as abundant as the wild currants that once flourished along its nearby creeks. Established over a century and a half ago, this unassuming settlement has seen the passage of miners, farmers, and travelers seeking their fortunes or merely passing through on their way to the next prospect.

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Year Established/Founded


Currant Nevada History

The town of Currant was birthed as a humble farming community and grew to become a minor node of commerce and industry in the vast Nevada landscape.


  • 1868: The area was first homesteaded, quickly attracting families.
  • 1883: The Currant post office opened its doors.
  • 1914: Gold was discovered, igniting a flicker of mining interest.
  • 1930s: Discovery of magnesite deposits brought a surge of activity, ceasing in 1942.
  • 1966: The local school closed, and later the town’s services ceased in 1996.


Currant witnessed sporadic mining ventures, including gold and magnesite, although these never transformed it into a bustling mining hub.


While direct rail lines did not pass through Currant, its proximity to shipping routes gave it life as a supply town.

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Post Office

  • April 16, 1883 – May 5, 1884
  • September 19, 1892 – July 31, 1922
  • August 31, 1926 – December 31, 1943

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The Population of Currant Nevada

Once around fifty, the population now hovers at approximately 65.



The town is a hidden gem along the road less traveled, lying southwest of Ely.

From Tingley: This district encompasses the southern White Pine Range, the Horse Range, and the northernmost part of the Grant Range. Kral (1951) included Railroad Valley (Butterfield)
Marsh along with Silverton, to the west, in a large Currant district. Deposits of magnesite occur in the White Pine County part of the district.

GPS Coordinates

Visitors can find Currant at coordinates 38.7163° N, 115.4743° W.

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Photos and Videos

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Currant, Nevada may not claim fame with abundant services or a bustling downtown, but its presence is an enduring one. Here, the small population works the land and remembers the history that placed them in this serene and solitary spot of America’s true “Loneliest Road.” For those who venture along Highway 6, Currant offers a pause, a place to reflect amid the quiet of the desert, and a reminder of the communities that thrived in the heart of Nevada’s rugged terrain. It’s a place that demands intention to visit, yet rewards with a sense of connection to the indomitable spirit of the West.

References Used

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