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Danville Nevada

Danville Nevada

Danville Nevada Overview

Danville was a mining district in Nye County, Nevada.

Also, known as Chloride.

There was a mine known as Danville in Spring Valley, Devil’s Gate Mining District which makes picking through resources a bit difficult but we are working on it.

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Year Established/Founded

April 1866

Danville Nevada History

This incredibly remote mining district was discovered in the mid-1860s but didn’t get started for several years. We are still looking for unique information to share but it’s hard to find with other districts with the same name but we are digging for details!


  • April 1866 – The area was discovered and stagnant until later
  • 1870 – Miners started working in the area
  • 1883 – New discovery
  • 1884 – Operations came to a stop
  • 1909 – Miners started working in the area again
  • 1949 – The last shipment of ore 


Silver, gold, and antimony.

The recorded production was $31,212 but there was probably unreported significant production.

  1. Vestel, Young America, and Ponticulus
  2. Richmond
  3. Boston
  4. Zealous
  5. Argonaut


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

1883 – 1884

Frank H. P. Miller was appointed the postmaster of Danville on November 21, 1883.

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The Population of Danville Nevada

Unknown at this time.




From Tinlgey:

The Danville district is centered around Danville and Green Monster Canyons in the central Monitor Range.

The district extends north to include Clear Creek Canyon, and south-southwest about 15 miles to include the area west of the Daughtery Ranch.

Another reference from NBMG states:

The Danville mining district is located in the central part of the Monitor Range in Nye County approximately 100 km southwest of Eureka. The district is located on the east side of the mountain range; the workings are in middle and upper Paleozoic rocks exposed in the lower portions of the range. Most of the mines and prospects are located in Danville and Green Monster Canyons.

GPS Coordinates

38° 46′ 9.76″ N, 116° 31′ 6.25″ W

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References Used

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Danville Nevada