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Delamar Dry Lake

Delamar Dry Lake

Delamar Dry Lake Overview

Delamar Dry Lake, also as Texas Dry Lake (due to the shape of the area from an aerial view), is a dry lake bed located in the Dry Lake Watershed near Alamo in Lincoln County, Nevada in the Paharangat Valley area.

The dry lake is an interesting stop on your exploration list to explore, bike, or even try your hand at land sailing.

During the year when the weather isn’t too hot or cold, it’s a great place to camp and enjoy the unpolluted skies for stargazing.

Managed By

The dry lake is located on federal land administered by the Bureau of Land Management.


The surface of this dry lake is very smooth and one of the reasons it was designated as an emergency landing site for the X-15 and other military aircraft.

Area Size

Approximately 3 miles across and a mile and a half in width.


Unknown at this time.

GPS Coordinates

37.319105658629695, -114.94882489912129

How to Get to Delamar Dry Lake

Note – if visiting after rain, be aware that the area is muddy and may not be accessible.

Click here to read about what safety items to pack for your next adventure.

  • Alamo – 19 miles via Alamo Canyon Road
  • Crystal Springs – 32 miles via US-93 S and Alamo Canyon Road
  • Ely – 166 miles via NV-318 S
  • Las Vegas – 109 miles via US-93 N
  • Tonopah – 179 miles via US-6 E and NV-375 S / State Highway 375

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Delamar Dry Lake