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Desert View Overlook at Mount Charleston

Desert View Overlook at Mount Charleston

Desert View Overlook Overview

The Desert View Overlook at Mount Charleston is a very easy stroll down a “paved” walkway that leads to benches and information boards to educate visitors on the views they can see from different points on the “trail,” including the Mojave Desert.

There are numerous switchbacks that help with the walk down and back up the mountain which makes this destination, super easy for most visitors.

New to the term switchback? Click here to learn more about What is a Switchback.

There are two overlook areas with multiple educational panels on the trail, which are set at key vantage points to help visitors understand the scenery and history they are viewing.

How to Get to Desert View Overlook

How to Get to Desert View Overlook

Located on Deer Creek Road in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (SMNRA), about 50 minutes northwest of The Strip.

You can access it by using either canyon road as it is located between Kyle Cayon and Lee Canyon. If this is your first time to Mount Charleston, consider taking NV-157 aka Kyle Canyon Road, and stop by the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway.

The trailhead is found in most mobile map apps, just be sure to set it up before you head up the mountain because you will lose cell service.

How to Get to Desert View Overlook 2


There is not a fee to enjoy the walk and scenery at the Desert View Overlook at Mount Charleston.

Hours Open

The Desert View Overlook is always open unless the roads are too bad during the winter.

Parking at Desert View Overlook

There is a decent-sized parking area near the “trailhead” of the Desert View Overlook.

It is best to arrive early to avoid the crowds and be able to find a spot to park.

Watch out for cars that turn in fast and sharp from both ends of the parking area to park – I have witnessed some near accidents multiple times.

Desert View Overlook at Mount Charleston

Best time of Day to Hike

In my opinion, the earlier the better for visiting on the weekends to be able to avoid larger crowds and to be able to find parking.

If the temperature is high for the day, consider going earlier in the morning or later in the day to avoid the heat since the trail does not offer shade.

Desert View Overlook Trail Information

Distance: 0.4 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: Approximately 49′

Route Type: Out and Back

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Desert View Overlook at Mountain Charleston (67)

Yes, but dogs must be on a leash that is no longer than 6′.

There is a waste station at the beginning of the trail with poo bags and a place to drop them as you go back to the parking area.


Absolutely! This is a very easy trail for most visitors.

Restrooms at Desert View Overlook

There are restrooms located at the nearby Deer Creek Picnic Area.

Cell Phone Service at Desert View Overlook

At this time we do not know about the cell phone service at the Desert View Overlook. (I want to say I had service but forgot to look – ATT user.)


You probably won’t see many animals other than a lizard or two when visiting this area.

If you are worried about seeing a snake while exploring Mt. Charleston, don’t worry as there are no known snakes that live at Mount Charleston. 

While on the trail you will see a variety of plants such as various junipers, pines, and more.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The trail is wheelchair accessible.

Information Signs

First Overlook

Second Overlook


Additional Photos

Resources Used

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Desert View Overlook at Mount Charleston