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Desert Wildlife in the Southwest

Even though we live in a desert, that doesn’t mean we have a shortage of amazing wildlife ranging from vibrant flowers to adorable little ground squirrels.

The desert wildlife list below has been compiled from various resources and will be continually updated until we have completed the list for each state.

Desert Wildlife in the Southwest

Desert Amphibians

American Bullfrog

While we live in a dry area of the United States, we surprisingly have several members of the Amphibia.

Click here to view information on Desert Amphibians in the Southwest.

Desert Arachnida

tarantula in nevada

Desert Birds

Gambel’s Quail

Desert Fish

Longstreet Spring and Cabin at Ash Meadows

Desert Mammals

antelope ground squirrel

Desert Plants and Vegetation

Alfalfa aka Lucerne Medicago sativa

Desert Reptiles


A desert is a perfect place for lizards and snakes with the hot air temperatures, warm rocks, and the sunshine they love.

Please note that in some states snakes are classified as a non-gaming animal and are protected by state laws.

Because there are so many snakes found in the desert, we decided to break the list down by state also.

Lizards Found in the Desert

Snakes Found in the Desert

Desert Wildlife in the Southwest