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Duckwater Nevada

In the heart of the Silver State, away from the shimmering lights of Las Vegas and the buzz of Reno, lies Duckwater, Nevada. This unincorporated community in Nye County is a slice of tranquility set against the backdrop of the Red Mountain Wilderness. Here, nature comes first, with history and heritage following closely behind.

Duckwater Nevada

Duckwater Nevada Overview

Duckwater, a haven for wildlife and a cornerstone of native history, lies nestled in a valley that shares its name. With the same latitude as Sacramento, California, this area enjoys a unique blend of climates and ecosystems, making it a particularly interesting spot in central Nevada.

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Year Established/Founded

Although the exact year of Duckwater’s founding is not detailed, its establishment is closely tied to the inception of its post office in the 19th century.

Duckwater Nevada History

The town’s appellation originates from the ducks that were once abundant in the local wetlands, painting a picture of a community that thrived in harmony with its natural surroundings.


  • 1873: Establishment of the Duckwater post office, marking the community’s entry into recorded history.
  • Present: Duckwater continues as a proud community with deep roots in the valley.


The area’s mining history is not well-documented, suggesting that it was not a major mining center, unlike other Nye County locales.


While not a railroad town, Duckwater’s location has seen it brush shoulders with the comings and goings of Nevada’s industrial and transportation development.

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Post Office

The Duckwater post office, started in 1873, serves as a historical milestone for the community.

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Unknown at this time.

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The Population of Duckwater Nevada

Currently 228 residents.




Located in the central portion of Nevada, it’s a scenic drive from major cities yet worlds apart in pace.

GPS Coordinates

Adventurous souls can chart their course to 38.9306° N, 115.6849° W to discover Duckwater.

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Photos and Videos

None at this time.

Duckwater may not claim the fame of a bustling Nevada city or the allure of a ghost town, but its essence lies in the undisturbed beauty of the Duckwater Valley and the rich cultural tapestry of the Duckwater Indian Reservation. As a community that has seen the centuries pass by, it remains a tranquil outpost where the past is honored and the present is lived at a nature’s pace. Duckwater stands as a monument to the quieter side of Nevada life, a hidden gem over 200 miles from the nearest urban sprawl, waiting to be appreciated by those who seek solace in the Silver State’s more secluded corners.

References Used

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