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Eagle Valley Reservoir Exploration Guide

Located in Spring Valley State Park, Eagle Valley Reservoir is a Serene location for picnics, camping, fishing, or hiking.

Eagle Valley Reservoir

Eagle Valley Reservoir Overview

Eagle Valley has amazing amenities for those who choose to camp or visit with over 37 campsites including picnic tables, fire pits, super clean bathrooms, showers, and shade ramadas, and even a book-sharing library! It is a great destination for explorers who are looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in a cool and peaceful environment.

Eagle Valley Reservoir also has some amazing fishing you will see many people catching trout and largemouth bass. With plenty of room to sit back and relax on the shore or straight off of the dock, this is one of my favorite spots to go fishing.

The abundant wildlife attracted to the water source makes it a great destination for enthusiasts to get amazing views of animals such as hawks, songbirds, ravens, coyotes, deer, and roadrunners are just a few of the awesome animals you might see while staying in the park!

There is something for everyone to do in this 65-acre reservoir and surrounding state park. 

How to Get to Eagle Valley Reservoir

From Pioche, Nevada, take State Route 322 into Spring Valley State Park. You will see a welcome sign and shortly after a parking lot for the reservoir.


Day use entrance fee: $5 per vehicle
Boat launch & Entrance: $10 Per Vehicle Per Day
Camping & Entrance: $15 per vehicle, per night
Boating, Camping & Entrance: $20 per vehicle per night
Campsite Utility Hookup: $10 in addition to the regular camping fee
Bike in:  $2 per person

TIP: Eagle Valley uses a self-pay system so be sure to bring exact change as there is no one there to give you change or break your money for you. Campsites are monitored often by Park Rangers to make sure campers and day-use visitors have paid the fee!

Hours Open

Open seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Quiet hours in the park are from 10 p.m. – 7 a.m

Parking at Eagle Valley Reservoir

The public parking lot at Eagle Valley Reservoir has very limited space so if you plan to have a day trip be sure to get down there plenty early to beat the crowds. However, if you have a campground in Horsethief Gulch it is a short walk down to the water, but remember these camping spots are also first come first serve so I still recommend getting to the campgrounds as early as possible.

Eagle Valley Reservoir Weather

Winter: Average High 44°/Low  10°

Spring: Average High 61°/Low  25°

Summer: Average High 85°/Low  40°

Fall: Average High 68°/Low  23°

Best Time of Year to Visit Eagle Valley Reservoir

While Eagle Valley Reservoir is open year-round so there is always something to do. I recommend visiting between June-early September when the daytime temperatures rarely break high 80’s it is super pleasant to visit during these months to get away from the Southwest Heat.

However, Eagle Valley Reservoir is also a very popular ice fishing destination during the winter months. And with cabins available at a nearby resort those who don’t like camping out in the cold weather have an option to stay somewhere close by the reservoir without having to fight off the cold at night.

Best time of Day to Visit Eagle Valley Reservoir

An early start is the number one key to having a good time at Eagle Valley Reservoir. Everything fills up quickly during the peak summer season. Recently I arrived at noon and there were only about 3 camping spots left and the day-use parking lot was almost full.

Eagle Valley Reservoir Hiking Trails

Stone Cabin Trail

There is an approximately 3.4 mile round trip trail starting at a now fully restored cabin built in the 1870s leading to Ranch campground and offering a stunning view of the surrounding valley.

UPDATE: When visiting the park in July 2020 the Stone Cabin and trailhead were both closed.

What to Take to Eagle Valley Reservoir



Absolutely! If your dogs like water and bird watching as much as ours they will have a blast in this reservoir. There are plenty of areas where no boats of fishermen are active where you and your pet can cool off and enjoy the water.


Eagle Valley is very kid-friendly, in fact, most of the visitors I saw while I was there were families with children enjoying fishing, boating, and swimming. There is even a post near the dock where you can borrow a life vest from the NDOW  in case you forgot one or your child decides they want to swim in the water, just make sure you return it afterward. 

Restrooms at Eagle Valley Reservoir

Eagle Valley Reservoir has some of the cleanest and well maintained I have ever seen at a campground. There are 3 restrooms within walking distance of the water all of which include flushable toilets and sinks! There is also a water bottle filling station at the middle bathroom in the campgrounds.


Cell Phone Service at Eagle Valley Reservoir

We checked two carriers AT&T and Verison at Eagle Valley Reservoir and there was no cell service at all for either carrier once you enter the park. You may be able to get the occasional single bar of service if you stand still for long enough at the higher elevation campgrounds, but do not rely on a cellphone for this trip.

Camping at Eagle Valley Reservoir

Horsethief Gulch

Eagle Valley Reservoir has some of the best-maintained campgrounds I have stayed in in a very long time. Between the super clean bathrooms and nicely maintained public areas, I could not recommend this place more for first-timers or experienced campers alike. There are 37 Campgrounds in Horsethief Gulch which is the primary campground for Eagle Valley Reservoir. These campgrounds include a Shade Ramada, Picnic Table, Fire Pit, and some campgrounds have water spouts. Most of the campgrounds are also large enough to park a trailer if you don’t want to stay in a tent or need somewhere to park your boat trailer.


Meadow Valley

Just outside of Spring Valley State Park is Meadow Valley Recreation Area. This is public land so camping is free but you won’t get the same amenities you get inside of the State Park. There are still tables and primitive bathrooms available in this campsite but they are not maintained like the ones inside the State Park. However, this area has a lot of tree coverage which makes it a nice and shady spot to camp in the summertime.

Meadow Valley Overflow

As a very last resort, there is Meadow Valley Overflow I do not recommend staying at this site in the summer as there is no shade and no restrooms available. If you do not mind super primitive camping and the weather is nice then this is a good option for free camping near the reservoir.

Eagle Valley Resort

are also Cabins at a nearby resort for those who go during the winter months or explorers who like to sleep in a warm bed at night instead of in a tent. This area includes a lodge that has a bar, pool table, convenience store, and food. Staying in Eagle Valley Resort is glamping at its finest.

Fishing at Eagle Valley Reservoir

Fishing at Eagle Valley is a fun and relaxing activity. The lake is stocked with fish by the NDOW to keep up with the demand for the area which makes fish active year-round.

The lake has an abundance of trout including rainbow, tiger, and German brown trout. There are also Large Mouth Bass in the reservoir however those are more likely to be caught out in the deeper water. The best time for fishing is between April to June and September to October, and ice fishing is popular during cold winters.

Best Bait at Eagle Valley Reservoir

We used a variety of Powerbait while we were fishing but nothing could beat a good old fashioned worm on a hook. We used a marshmallow on the line to keep the worm from sinking and getting lost and we were very successful the whole trip almost catching our limit a few times.

Boat Info

Boating is a great way to enjoy Eagle Valley Reservoir the park offers a boat launch, dock, and temporary dock slip for visitors to use. We saw everything from small fishing boats to paddleboards out on the water. Many boaters were out in the deeper areas attempting to catch Bass as they are more prominent out in the deeper water.

Insects in the Area

Drones at Eagle Valley Reservoir

The use of drones is prohibited in Nevada State Parks unless in an area designated for that use by a park supervisor, and a commercial use permit is in effect.

All applicable FAA regulations apply.

First Aid

While a ranger station is found near the campground it is recommended to bring your own first aid kit for small injuries.

Check our First Aid Kit Guide for what you should bring for your personal pack.

Plants to Watch for in the Area

There is a variety of vegetation throughout the park! Some of the most common plants you will find are the pinyon pine, Utah juniper, and big sagebrush.

Down in the flood plains, you will find rabbitbrush, big sagebrush, and several kinds of grass. In the meadow, springs, and streams you will find cattails, sedges, and grasses.


This beautiful reservoir draws in all sorts of wildlife into the area including waterfowl, shorebirds, and many species of lizards and mammals, Bird enthusiasts will be blown away by the varieties of creatures you can spot here Eagles, hawks, songbirds, ravens and roadrunners can be seen throughout the park.

While on the water you will find more beautiful mallards, teals, herons, avocets, and if you are very lucky you may even spot the rare trumpeter swan. More common animals found in the park include squirrels, cottontails, jackrabbits, coyotes, deer, skunks, and bobcats. 

Stargazing at Eagle Valley Reservoir

With the closest town Pioche having a population just over 1,000 there is very little light pollution in Spring Valley State Park making it an excellent spot for stargazing, the dark skies made the stars and Milky Way super clear! We got super lucky with our location and timing and we were able to clearly see the Neowise Comet which won’t be visible from earth for another 6,766 years. 

Eagle Valley Reservoir Picnics

Many shaded day-use picnic areas are available right off the water near the boat launch. The sites include tables, grills, restrooms, and shade ramadas so you can spend the whole day down by the water! If you are unable to get a shaded table there are plenty of trees where you can set up your own table and chairs to enjoy the area.

Wheelchair Accessibility


Those with developmental and/or physical limitations are invited to enjoy all of the recreational activities of Nevada State Parks.

If you would like to request additional support or accommodations, please call Nevada State Parks at (775) 684-2770.

We continually seek ways to provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities and welcome any suggestions you may have.

Scenic Drive

Spring Valley State Park has a beautiful scenic drive on a well-maintained dirt road that leads to views of White Rock Range and Parsnip Peak. This is also the trail you would take to get to the Stone Cabin Trailhead as well as the Ranch Campground.

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