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Eagleville Nevada

Eagleville Nevada

Eagleville Nevada Overview

Eagleville was a mining district in Mineral County, Nevada on the northern border of the Churchill County line.

Also known as Hot Springs, Regent, Rawhide, Leonard, and Juarez.

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Year Established/Founded


Eagleville Nevada History

Albert A. Woordruff settled in the area about 1878 and worked the area until the time of his sickness which led to his death.

From NBMG mining reports:

Small productions were reported from the district in 1905 and 1908, and from 1915 to 191 the Golden Extension Mine was shipping barite of good grade is said to occur in the district.


  • 1870s – Mineral deposits were first discovered in the area and were home to some Mormon residents 
  • 1882 – Albert A. Woodruff discovered the rich mines which he continued to develop until his death
  • August 1894 – George Trimbal arrived from the Eagleville mining district in Churchill County and preceded to San Francisco on Monday’s No. 2. The camp looks good and they have shipped four tons of ore that went $180 per ton in gold.
  • 1899 – Baryte within limestone in large quantities was examined but its distance from the railroad deemed it as unprofitable to work
  • June 3, 1889 – The Eagleville post office opened
  • February 1906 – Thomas W. Kenyon of Stillwater was awarded the contract for carrying the mail from Stillwater to Eagleville
  • May 3, 1908 – Albert A. Woodruff passes away
  • March 13, 1913 – The Eagleville post office closed


Gold, silver, tungsten, and barite.

  • Golden Extension


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Post Office

The post office in Eagleville, Nevada was open from June 3, 1889, to March 13, 1913, and below are the postmasters that we are aware of.

  • Thomas Kenyon 15 Oct 1897 Eagleville [This person was appointed before the post office was established?]
  • Albert Woodruff 3 Jun 1889 Eagleville
  • James H Wichman 10 Jan 1898 Eagleville
  • Wm A Woodruff June 10, 1908 Eagleville

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The Population of Eagleville Nevada

Unknown at this time.




District is centered around the camp of Eagleville about 4 miles east of Nevada Scheelite Camp. Sometimes known as the Hot Springs district, which included all of the area between Rawhide Hot Springs and the Churchill County line. The camp of Sunnyside, now included in the Leonard district, was sometimes included in Eagleville district. Ross (1961) and Stager and Tingley (1988) used the name Regent to include both Rawhide and Eagleville. The original Regent district was located northwest of Rawhide, and never extended to Eagleville. The Juarez district of Todd and Welton (1866), located near a hot spring west of the Paradise Range, was probably in this area.

From the USGS:

Site of an abandoned settlement about 10.5 mi NE of Rawhide.

Eagleville Nevada

GPS Coordinates

39° 8′ 59.73″ N, 118° 18′ 3.47″ W

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Eagleville Nevada