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Edwards Creek Station Nevada

Edwards Creek Station Nevada

Edwards Creek Station Nevada Overview

Edwards Creeks was a stop on the Pony Express in Churchill County, Nevada.

Also known as Edward Creek, Healey, and Healy.

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Year Established/Founded


Edwards Creek Station Nevada History

According to Nevada Place Names, in 1859 Captain James Hervey Simpson named Edwards Creek for one of his assistants, Edward Jagiello. Captain Simpson found the Polish surname difficult to pronounce and used his Christian name as the appellation.

Historic Resource Study Pony Express National Historic Trail

Several sources mention Edwards’ Creek as a station, including the 1861 mail contract.

Townley notes the existence of possible ruins along the creek, where several conflicts between Indians and whites took place.


  • 1859 – Captain James Hervey Simpson named Edwards Creek for one of his assistants, Edward Jagiello
  • April 29, 1861 – Sam Davis, who is constructing a station at Edwards’ Creek, on the Overland route, at the Humboldt, lately showed us some specimens of gold, weighing half an ounce each. The specimens had been pounded between rocks to disengage the quartz, by the Indians, from whom Davis obtained them. He says that the Indians procured the gold about one hundred and fifty miles north of his station, but thinks it would be hardly safe for small parties to go out there unless they are acquainted with the Indians. [Sacramento Daily Union]
  • October 26, 1861 – The operations ceased after the first transcontinental telegraph was established on October 24, 1861




Edwards Creek Station Nevada

GPS Coordinates

39° 31′ 0.72″ N, 117° 45′ 18.42″ W

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Photos and Videos

Edwards Creek Station Nevada

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 23, Number 3558, 23 August 1862

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Edwards Creek Station Nevada