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Ellen A. CAMPION O’Brien

Ellen A. CAMPION O’Brien

Ellen A. CAMPION O’Brien Overview

In researching the residents of the old ghost town, the stories are just crazy and very sad. So many spouses kill one another, suicides, and young deaths due to various diseases or infections.  Poor, Unfortunately, Ellen A. Campion O’Brien is another one of the stories of a husband killing his wife but this one was a double (triple) tragedy as the family lost poor Rosalee in September 1905 and then Stephen killed Ellen, leaving young Evelyn an orphan.


1877 in California


It is estimated that Ellen and Stephen were married about 1898 at a place unknown. Based on where they were during this time, I would assume it took place in San Francisco.


May 19, 1909

Ellen A. CAMPION O'Brien

The Sacramento Bee · Sacramento, California · Saturday, May 19, 1906

Miner Shoots and Kills His Wife, And Is Himself Shot Dead A Few Minutes Later.

GOLDFIELD (Nev.), May 19 – Rhyolite, the principal town in the Bullfrog mining district, was the scene yesterday of a double tragedy. Steve O’BRIEN, a miner, shot and killed his wife. Deputy Sheriff McDONALD attempted to disarm and arrest O’BRIEN, who drew a revolver and was about to shoot when McDONALD fired and O’BRIEN dropped dead. The shooting occurred at the Hotel Golden on Goldfield Street. Steve O’BRIEN had been on bad terms with his family for some time, and his wife was about to proceed to get a divorce. He entered the house, and, after a few heated words, shot his wife in the face.  She was carried to a drug store, where she died. O’BRIEN came out of the lodging house where he lived. In the meantime people had head of the shooting and a great crowd surrounded the place and preparations were made to mob and hang him.

Family of Ellen A. CAMPION O’Brien

Ellen was the daughter of Edward Campion (b. Oct 1849 in Ireland  d. April 27, 1902, in Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada) and Rose (b. 1854 – d. 1902). Her siblings were as follows:

  1. William Joseph Campion (b. 1875 – 1961)
  2. Mary Ann “Mamie” Campion (b. 1880 – ?)
  3. Maurice Campion


  • 1877 – Born in California
  • 1880 United States Federal Census – San Francisco, San Francisco, California
  • About 1898 – Married Stephen O’Brien
  • May 18, 1906 – Died in Rhyolite, Nye County, Nevada

Places Lived

  • California
  • Nevada


Ellen and Rosa Lee O’Brien are buried in the Old Tonopah Cemetery in Nye County, Nevada.

Stephen’s remains were shipped to Bodie, California, his former home.

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Ellen A. CAMPION O’Brien