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Esmeralda County Nevada Exploration Guide

Esmeralda County Nevada

Esmeralda County Nevada Overview

Esmeralda Mining District, named in turn for the legend that a massive amount of emeralds was buried in what is now Nevada. Esmeralda is the Spanish and Portuguese word for emerald.

Year Established/Founded


Ghost Towns in Esmeralda County Nevada

Below are the mining districts, railroad sidings, and ghost towns in Esmeralda County, Nevada.

  1. Benton
  2. Blair
  3. Bullfrog
  4. Carrara
  5. Coaldale
  6. Columbia
  7. Columbus
  8. Crow Spring
  9. Cuprite
  10. Diamondfield
  11. Fish Lake
  12. Gilbert – A town 25 miles west of Tonopah and east of Monte Cristo Range settled in 1925. Named for the three Gilbert brothers who were prospectors.
  13. Goldfield – A town settled in 1903 in the eastern part of the county discovered in 1902 and named for the great gold discovery.
  14. Gold Point
  15. Gold Hitt
  16. Gold Mountain – A mining district on the flank of a peak of the same name 20 miles southeast of Linda Valley that was named because of gold nuggets found there in the early days.
  17. Gold Point
  18. Gold Reef
  19. Hornsilver
  20. Klondike 
  21. Lida
  22. Lime Point
  23. Millers – A town and mining district 14 miles northwest of Tonopah.
  24. Montgomery City
  25. Montezuma
  26. Nivlock
  27. Oriental
  28. Palmetto
  29. Phillipsburg
  30. Pigeon Springs
  31. Red Rock Mine
  32. Royston
  33. Silver Peak
  34. Stateline
  35. Stonewall
  36. Sylvania
  37. Sylvania Mining District
  38. Tokop
  39. Tule Canyon
  40. Weepah

Historical Points of Interest in Esmeralda County Nevada

Nevada Historical Markers in Esmeralda County Nevada

Esmeralda County is home to eighteen Nevada Historical Markers.

As we visit each we will link the articles below for you to learn more about the history of the site the marker represents.

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  1. #14 Goldfield
  2. #20 Columbus
  3. #101 Millers
  4. #133 Fish Lake Valley
  5. 3155 Silver Peak
  6. #156 Gold Point
  7. #157 Lida
  8. #158 Palmetto
  9. #174 Blair
  10. #242 Southern Nevada Consolidated Telephone-Telegraph Company Building

Esmeralda County Nevada