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Esmeralda County Nevada Exploration Guide

Esmeralda County Nevada

  • County Seat: Goldfield
  • Established: 1861
  • Origin: Original
  • Background: Esmeralda Mining District, named in turn for the legend that a massive amount of emeralds was buried in what is now Nevada. Esmeralda is the Spanish and Portuguese word for emerald.
  • Area: 3,589 sq mi
  • Population: 783 

Historical Points of Interest in Esmeralda County Nevada

Nevada Historical Markers in Esmeralda County Nevada

Esmeralda County is home to eighteen Nevada Historical Markers.

As we visit each we will link the articles below for you to learn more about the history of the site the marker represents.

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  1. #14 Goldfield
  2. #20 Columbus
  3. #101 Millers
  4. #133 Fish Lake Valley
  5. 3155 Silver Peak
  6. #156 Gold Point
  7. #157 Lida
  8. #158 Palmetto
  9. #174 Blair
  10. #242 Southern Nevada Consolidated Telephone-Telegraph Company Building

Esmeralda County Nevada