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Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden: A Sweet and Spiky Attraction in Henderson, Nevada

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden


The Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden is a unique and delightful attraction located in Henderson, Nevada, just a short drive from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Established in 1981 by Forrest Mars Sr., the founder of Mars Inc., the factory and garden offer visitors an unforgettable experience, combining the delicious world of gourmet chocolates with the beauty of a diverse and extensive cactus garden.


Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden is situated at 2 Cactus Garden Drive, Henderson, Nevada 89014, approximately 13 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas. The location makes it easily accessible for visitors staying in the city or those passing through the area.

What to Expect

Chocolate Factory Tour: At the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, visitors can take a self-guided tour to learn about the chocolate-making process, from the selection of premium ingredients to the creation of the final product. The tour includes a behind-the-scenes look at the factory floor, where you can observe the production line and see how these delectable treats are made. Complimentary samples are often provided, giving visitors a taste of Ethel M’s gourmet chocolates.

Cactus Garden: Adjacent to the chocolate factory, you will find the Cactus Garden – the largest botanical cactus garden in the Southwest United States. Spread over four acres, the garden features more than 300 species of cacti and succulents, as well as other desert plants. The beautiful and serene setting offers a stark contrast to the bustling Las Vegas Strip and provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the diverse flora of the desert landscape.

Chocolate Tasting and Classes: For those looking to indulge their taste buds further, Ethel M Chocolate Factory offers chocolate tastings and classes. Visitors can learn about the art of chocolate making, sample various chocolate flavors, and even create their own custom assortment of chocolates.

Gift Shop: No visit to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory would be complete without a stop at the gift shop, where you can purchase a wide range of chocolate products, souvenirs, and gifts. From signature chocolate collections to seasonal and limited edition offerings, there is something for every chocolate lover.

Other Relevant Information

Admission: Entry to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden is free, making it an affordable and enjoyable attraction for visitors of all ages.

Operating Hours: The factory and garden are open daily, with extended hours during the holiday season when the garden is beautifully illuminated with festive lights. It is recommended to check the website or call ahead for the most up-to-date hours of operation.

Accessibility: The Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden are wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy the attraction.

Special Events: Throughout the year, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden host various special events, such as holiday celebrations, seasonal garden light displays, and other themed events. Check their website or social media channels for updates on upcoming events.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden is a must-visit attraction for those seeking a sweet escape from the bustling Las Vegas Strip. With its fascinating factory tour, stunning cactus garden, and mouth-watering chocolate tastings, it offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden