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Cornerstone Park Weekly Fitness Walk

January 19 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm UTC-8

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** Please be sure to read this rather long but informative “About” section to ensure this event is suited for you.

If so…

Come join in on a quick-pace calorie-burning walk around Railroad Lake located in Cornerstone Park in southwest Henderson…

This lake park is a well maintained and serviced year-round estuary and wildlife wetlands, with some small ground-dwelling critters and various waterfowl present for those that enjoy seeing wildlife in a quasi-natural setting.

Weather permitting, this will be offered as a weekly fitness event – (extreme chill factor, rain and/or thunderstorm cancels).


It goes without saying, these are colder months ahead…

That being so — when the wind is up this time of year it may be a factor to consider when preparing for this event.

Therefore — layering of your outerwear is advised, and — even at 2:00 PM — head and hand cover may be a preferred by some during these few cold months ahead.

We will meet at the covered area behind the main Services building — located directly adjacent to the mid-parking area.

This will also be the start/finish point for each lap completed.

After taking a few minutes to account for the attendees present, the event will start. Please arrive earlier if you wish to stretch or warm-up prior to the 2:00 PM start time.

The proposed distance will be 4.8 miles (4 laps) — or – 2.4 miles (2 laps) for those wanting a less challenging event.

The first half of lap #1 will be at a slightly slower pace as a warm-up — then — the pace will progress quickly to an average 3.5 mph — 17-minute mile.

While this is a relatively manageable quick-pace walking event, and while happily-given concessions and considerations will be made in the first 4 weeks for those challenging their fitness level as they work towards a level that is conducive to the intent of this weekly event—-this is primarily geared for those who know they already can keep a 17-minute mile pace for the 2.4 or 4.8 mile distance — and for those who intend to (and will) progress to pace and distance in about 3 to 4 weeks.

If so…

There are three easy-to-moderate uphill areas of the otherwise level and paved walking/running/bike path we will take around the lake.

Wherein; at the one short-but-moderate uphill area, the intent is to either keep pace or increase it to push for building physical and cardio stamina — I (Rick) slow here on the downhill to recover — then back to pace at the bottom.

For those who have kept pace, we will take a 3-minute rest/hydration break (longer if needed) after laps #1 and #3 — with a longer 5-minute break after lap #2.

For those enjoying this event at their own pace as they progress or excel, also be sure to rest and hydrate as needed.

Bring AT LEAST 1 liter of your preferred hydration liquid.

There is a newly constructed multi-station body-weight resistance fitness court adjacent to the basketball courts (just North along the path and visible from the start point) for those interested in working that into the event in lieu of a lap or two — or — before or after the event.

Although I love children, and I’m more-than pet friendly; being the type of quick-pace walk this is; with a good turnout, attendees will likely be walking 2 and 3 abreast, or closely strung out along the path.

Therefore, children under 10 years of age likely wouldn’t keep up for the duration of the event and are discouraged from attending, and — pets and their leashes could create a tripping hazard for some.

Three-wheeled running-type strollers or pet carries or body-carriers would be welcomed for small children and acclimated-in-such pets.

If a pet is a registered support animal and necessary for your general well-being on this event; as always — please be a responsible pet-parent and provide proper care and waste management as needed.

The park helps provide for such with several waste bag dispensers and disposal points, and at least one pet-watering fountain near the start/finish point.

As this is a limited attendee event — no shows and late cancelations are discouraged.

So please initiate, and subsequently update your RSVP with integrity and consideration if you decide to not attend.


All attendees participate at their own risk and assumed responsibility.

Therefore, by signing up for, and/or attending this Meetup event, you acknowledge, understand, accept, and agree that fitness activities can be strenuous and physically challenging, and — that the organizer(s) of this group CAN NOT be held responsible nor liable in any way for ANY injuries you, your children, and your guests, or your pets may suffer resulting from participation in this event, nor from or for the actions of any participant – to include you.

The organizer(s) of this group also CAN NOT be held responsible or liable in any way for ANY
loss or damage to personal property of any of the aforementioned participants attending this event.


Cornerstone Park
1600 Wigwam Parkway
Henderson, US
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