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Explore Eberhardt: Journey through White Pine County’s Hidden Gem

Welcome to Eberhardt, a captivating ghost town nestled within White Pine County, Nevada.

Once a bustling mining town, Eberhardt has since been reclaimed by nature, offering a unique and intriguing travel experience. This comprehensive guide will lead you through Eberhardt’s rich history and showcase its remnants, transporting you back to a time when fortune-seekers flocked to this corner of Nevada in search of wealth and opportunity. Join us as we unearth the secrets of this fascinating ghost town.

Eberhardt Nevada

Eberhardt Nevada Overview

Eberhardt is a ghost town located in White Pine County, Nevada. Known for its rich mining history, Eberhardt has long been abandoned but retains its historical charm with relics and remnants from the past. Today, it serves as a popular destination for history enthusiasts, adventure-seekers, and those looking to explore the unique landscape of Nevada’s bygone mining towns.

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Year Established/Founded

Eberhardt was established in 1869, following the discovery of silver deposits in the area.

Eberhardt Nevada History

Eberhardt came into existence during the silver boom of the late 19th century. Prospectors, miners, and fortune-seekers flocked to the region, leading to a rapid expansion of the town. Eberhardt thrived as a mining community until the decline of the silver industry in the early 20th century, eventually leading to the town’s abandonment.

From The Geographical Dictionary:

A former boom camp and post office (June 19, 1871 – July 11, 1893), thirty miles west of Ely and five miles southeast of Hamilton, on the south slope of the White Pine Range at the junction of Applegarth and Mezeppa canyons; named for the Eberhardt, a rich mine on Treasure Hill located by T. E. Eberhardt in December 1867. In 1869, both the camp and the canyon of located were designated Eberhardt.


  • December 1867 – T.E. Eberhardt discovered rich silver and located the Eberhardt Mine
  • December 4, 1868 – The famous Eberhardt mine, White Pine District, was discovered and located on the 3d of January, 1868, by F. E. Eberhardt, whose share of its untold wealth consists mainly, if not wholly, in its bearing his name. [Gold Hill Daily News – Friday – December 4, 1868 – Page 2]
  • 1869 – The construction of the Stanford (or California) Mill was started and Eberhardt is founded following the discovery of silver deposits.
  • June 1869 – The thirty-stamp International Mill began construction
  • 1870-1890: The town experiences rapid growth and becomes a hub of mining activity.
  • August 31, 1872 – The whistle of the mill was blown, as usual, five minutes of 6 o’clock this morning, when it was discovered that the mill was on fire in the southeast end. The fire spread rapidly. The mill was laid in ashes is short time. The retort-house and carpenter shop were also destroyed. The fire is supposed to have originated from the dry kiln. [Gold Hill Daily News – Tuesday, September 3, 1872 – Page 2]
  • November 1873 – The mill was rebuilt and started operations started again
  • 1876 – The Stanford Mill ceased operation and was dismantled
  • Early 1900s: The decline of the silver industry leads to a decrease in population and economic activity.
  • Mid-1900s: Eberhardt is largely abandoned, becoming a ghost town.


  1. Eberhardt Mine: Silver
  2. Treasure Hill Mine: Silver, Gold, and Lead
  3. Blue Jacket Mine: Silver and Gold


The Eberhardt and Aurora Railroad (E&A) served the town, connecting Eberhardt to other nearby mining communities and facilitating the transportation of mined materials.

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Post Office

The Eberhardt Post Office was established in 1871 to cater to the town’s growing population and operated until the early 20th century when the town’s population began to decline.

June 19, 1871 – July 11, 1893


  • Adam Johnston 19 Jun 1871 Eberhardt
  • John Jacob Marty 21 Jan 1878 Eberhardt
  • Oliver Drake 8 Apr 1881 Eberhardt
  • William Read 10 Jul 1891 Eberhardt

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The Eberhardt Sentinel was the town’s local newspaper, keeping residents informed on mining operations, town events, and regional news.

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The Population of Eberhardt Nevada

There were 102 residents on the 1880 United States Federal Census for Eberhardt, White Pine County, Nevada.

At its peak, Eberhardt had a population of around 500 residents. However, the town is now uninhabited and considered a ghost town.


Eberhardt is located at an elevation of approximately 6,800 feet (2,073 meters) above sea level.


Eberhardt is situated in White Pine County, Nevada, approximately 25 miles southwest of Ely and 8 miles east of Treasure Hill.

GPS Coordinates

39.286110, -114.845000 (39°17’10″N, 114°50’42″W)

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References Used

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