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Fairfax Nevada

Fairfax, Nevada, tucked away in Nye County, epitomizes the classic tale of a mining boomtown. Born in the late 19th century’s silver rush, Fairfax’s story is one of rapid growth, bustling activity, and eventual decline, painting a vivid picture of the mining era’s transient nature.

Fairfax Nevada

Fairfax Nevada Overview

Fairfax’s journey began as a silver mining hub, attracting hundreds with the promise of riches. The town, named after the Fairfax Mining Company, boasted a variety of establishments, including saloons, a school, and a post office, catering to a peak population of about 1,500. However, the fluctuating fortunes of the silver industry eventually led to the town’s decline, transforming Fairfax into a ghost town, now a silent testament to a bygone era of mining prosperity.

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Year Established/Founded

Fairfax was established in the late 19th century.

Fairfax Nevada History

Fairfax rose to prominence on the back of silver mining, with key mines like the Horn Silver Mine and the Mohawk Mine driving its economy. The town’s infrastructure and population grew in tandem with the mining industry.

There is nothing out there except for Tingley’s reference. Nothing in the mining databases, etc. I found a few newspaper articles from 1906-1908 that mention Fairfax but need to research more to determine if the same.

We love a good hunt and will hopefully find information and update this article to share.


  • Horn Silver Mine
  • Mohawk Mine: Major source of silver and contributors to the town’s growth.


There is no significant record of railroads directly impacting Fairfax’s development.

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Post Office


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The Population of Fairfax Nevada

Peaked at around 1,500 residents in the early 1900s.


Unknown at this time.


From Tingley:

Production is credited from the Chickasas and Rhyolite claims, but the exact location is unknown.

GPS Coordinates

Unknown at this time.

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Photos and Videos

None at this time.

References Used

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  • Tingley, Joseph V., Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Report 47 – Mining Districts of Nevada

Fairfax Nevada