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Fay Nevada

Fay Nevada

Fay Nevada Nevada Overview

Located about 26 miles east of Pioche and 21 miles northwest of Modena, Utah at the upper end of the Fay Canyon on the Nevada-Utah border, Fay was a mining town in Lincoln County, Nevada.

Note that unless you are using a mapping app, you may not realize that you are exploring the nearby Gold Springs ghost town. 

The old cemetery has a few graves marked and looks a bit bleak due to a recent fire.

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Managed By

Private property but you can contact the owner (there is a sign with his number) to explore the area.

Fay Nevada History

Fay came into existence once richer gold deposits were discovered in 1899 about a mile northeast and residents left the nearby Deer Lodge to for the more attractive prospects around the new camp, which established the mining town of Fay. The new settlement was named Fay, for the daughter of A.W. McClune, a major speculator and investor in the mining district.

There was a barbershop, four saloons, a stage service, general stores, and a post office.

During the all-to-short heyday of Fay, famous singers and speakers regaled the townsfolk in the community’s city hall. Fay “lived on” until the mines failed in about 1915.

By the year 1924, even the post office was removed.

Today, a visitor looking for old Fay will find some wooden buildings and a dilapidated mill – the Horseshoe Mine with its mill. 


At the beginning of Fay’s existence is when the largest gold production occurred and the mine produced ore until about 1915.

The principal mine was the Horseshoe mine which operated a 90-ton mill and was later expanded to a 120-ton mill.

Post Office

The Fay post office operated from September 13, 1900, to July 15, 1924, when mail service was removed to Modena, Utah.



GPS Coordinates

37°54′29″N 114°04′12″W

The Population of Fay Nevada

In 1910, the population of the Fay precinct was 99.

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Fay Nevada